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۳ common factors of lack of confidence

lack of confidence

Lack of self – confidence can make us even do what we specialize in. Even people with high self confidence may suffer from lack of confidence in some situations. In this paper, we describe the conditions that will reduce the self – confidence and express the way we deal with them.


At least one of the three situations that we describe in this paper is or is likely to happen to most people, or most likely to experience it. Therefore, it is best to know how to deal with these conditions


Most people have connections in life. These dependencies can be divided into 2 categories:

  • dependence on individuals
  • dependence on objects

Many people depend on different people like parent or spouse. Many people depend on their friends. Some are dependent on one of their colleagues in the workplace. The sign of this dependence on your part, as you call it, is in the absence of them.

Some have special objects like machines, pens, chairs, etc. A lot of people in the house always have to sit on their own seats, or they don’t feel comfortable, or they don’t feel comfortable. What the root of these creatures is our lack of confidence.

What is the cause of dependence?

Fear is the main cause of dependence. The fear of losing or losing something, makes us dependent. For example, affiliation with parents or spouses can be due to fear of losing their support.

habits are another of the roots of attachment. Dependence on the machine can be made due to its lack of walking. Many say they used to get used to their beds, and they could not sleep in the night. These habits bind us, and this dependence causes uncertainty.

Therefore, to overcome dependence, we need to reduce the dependence of dependences by eliminating fear in itself from the dependencies. If we always travel with the family, to overcome dependence on the family, we can travel alone a few times or experience traveling with friends.

To break our dependence on many things, we should not get used to them. For example, one day we can’t turn on our car and go to work without cars, or sit on another chair in the house.

Whenever you feel like being used to something, try to deal with it so that this dependence does not cause your confidence. You can, of course, use the technique of Swish to leave bad habits.

reduction of self – esteem for the sake

No money

The lack of money and the want of money generally reduces the confidence. But sometimes we don “t have the money, just under the circumstances that we need money, the wallet or the ATM” s wallet. This can cause our confidence.

Suppose you have gone out with your new friends or your betrothed and have forgotten your wallet or bank card. In these circumstances, you are experiencing a lack of confidence because you have become familiar with your companions or companions.

To prevent this from happening, you have to try to earn a steady amount of cash. As soon as you spend the money, make up for the money you spend. Try this to be in the limit that you end up falling off if you end up in certain situations.

Make sure you have this cash in cash, not at the bank or even in the cash bag you put in the car. You must always have that. Along with a sum of money (especially if the amount is not a little), it helps to increase your confidence.

You may say that when I have the money, I spend it all. That reflects your problem in managing money. So you have to figure out how to deal with this problem. Not to deprive yourself of having cash.

You may say, ” I don’t have such a good financial position.” It’s more necessary for you to do so. You can start today. Lay out every day, every week, every month. After a while, you can see the confidence in your pocket.

The emergence of a sudden problem


Suppose you want to go to a job interview and get stuck on your clothes or clothes. You have no time to change your clothes. It’s probably in your job interview that someone doesn’t see the tear in your clothes. What do you think is the best way to do this in order to avoid a lack of self – confidence?

The best thing in these situations is to be the first person to point out the problem. You can easily tell the interviewer that this will make my dress snap. Trying to hide the trouble in these situations makes you feel a lack of confidence.

In fact, fear is a factor of lack of confidence. Then you have to deal with this fear. It’s best to face fear. You fear that others will know your problem, so you can tell the problem yourself.

You have managed to deal with your fear and prevent your self – esteem. In general, fear is an important element of self – esteem. Once you overcome your fears, stop a lack of confidence.