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Know 3 mental filters to have a better relationships

Know 3 mental filters to have a better relationships

NLP said that every human has 3 mental filters. Deletion, distortion and generalization the 3 mental filters of humans that make our interaction with the others. With NPL, you can understand these mental filters better and by using hem, be more successful in your relationship with the others.


Why does our brain need mental filters?

Our brain is bombarded by millions of data every second. Suppose you’re in the street. Everything that you see and hear, all the movements, all the smells and sounds are the data that attacks our brain every second. Analyzing and processing all these data is not possible for our brain.

Just like a computer which if we send a huge amount of data at once, it will stopped; our brain activity will be stopped if it receives millions of data in a short amount of time. Therefore, mental filters are essential for the brain to work properly.

Of course, mental filters are not constant over time. These filters change over time. But we can say things like beliefs, memories, values, information, and knowledge we have are effective in creating mental filters. In the following we will explain the function of each of the mental filters.



distortion is an unrealistic impression of individuals from an event

Distortion is one of the mental filters that plays a great role in human life. When we realize something better than what the others say, this mental filter works. . In other words, distortion is an unrealistic impression of individuals from an event that causes a different meaning to be derived from that event.

If we pay attention to the definition of distortion as one of the mental filters, we will find its advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage of distortion is that it can cause misunderstanding and disagreement. When you talk to someone and he makes an unrealistic impression of yours, it will cause disagreement.

But perhaps the most important positive feature of the mental filter of distortion is that it breaks down the mental frameworks. In most cases, we explain and interpret the information we receive based on our mental frameworks. Since distortion leads us to a different conception, it can break mental frameworks and transfer new meanings to mind. For this reason, many creations are created by mental filtering of distortion.

Give you an example for a better understanding of distortion as a mental filter. Suppose you express love to someone. Distortion mental filter can cause the other ones feel that you want to marry with her. While expressing love is a concept and marriage is another concept. Here, the other one, with the mental filter of distortion, comes from the concept of expressing love to the concept of marriage.



All women cannot drive as well. it is generalization

Our brain is always receiving information and processing them. When a set of information enters the brain, it processes them and get a particular result. Whenever we consider the result of the information processing true for the other simple entering information, we actually use generalization mental filter.

There is an example for your better understanding about generalization. When we see some women who have bad driving, we say: “All women cannot drive as well.” Can we really say that all the women cannot drive as well? This sentence is correct if there is no woman who has a good driving. In this example, our mind has used generalization mental filter.

Another example is that a woman says after marriage failure: “all the men are the same.” Here, too, the mind uses generalization filter. What is the advantages and disadvantages of generalization as one of the mental filters?

Again, with care in the above examples, one can understand the advantages and disadvantages of the generalization mental filter. Generalization can make negative beliefs. In the example above, generalization can make one person unable to marry for the rest of his life. But the great advantage of generalization is that it makes human experience. Another generalization feature is that it can create predictive power in humans. Of course, if these predictions be absolute, it means that we believe that they are really true, and do not accept the possibility of a mistake, this predictive power turns into one of the disadvantages of generalization mental filter.



This mental filter makes it easier to transfer information

Understanding the function of deletion mental filter is easy. As we said, a huge amount of information comes into our brain at any given moment. By deletion mental filter, we will delete a significant part of this information. This mental filter makes it easier to transfer information.

We give you an example about deletion mental filter. For example, you are at a party and there’s just one pitcher of juice in front of you. One tells you: “Please give me the white pitcher of juice”. The deletion filter here can cause you to get this message in the following way: “Please give me that pitcher.” That is, the extra information in this example hasn’t been processed by your brain with the help of the deletion filter.

Deletion as one of the mental filters has its own advantages and disadvantages. The important advantage of deletion mental filter is that it prevents the large amount of information from entering into the brain and allows the brain to continue working. But the disadvantage of this mental filter is that it may cause the brain get incomplete information. It can make us unable to understand some aspects of the concept, the opportunities and threats.

In conclusion, we can say that mental filters are one of the brain functions of every human being. By understanding the functions of mental filters correctly, we can understand the others better, make better communication with others, and, in many cases, avoid misunderstanding and conflict.

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