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۳ Questions asked by rich people

rich people

The rich people are constantly challenging themselves, and the result is their personal success. If you read the story of the lives of people who have achieved much money, you will notice that these people have put 3 actions or 3 questions based on their movement. Robert Kiyosaki, in the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” wrote:


Rich people are always learning, they are always growing, they are always moving forward, and people who don’t want to make money are always making excuses and never start learning new science.

But what do rich people expect from themselves and the things they do? In fact, they get the answer by asking the questions from themselves. Let’s review these questions together.

Who am I?

In ancient Greece, Socrates and Plato were the people who founded philosophy for thousands of years. One of the most important reasons for that their work is very simple, is having self-knowledge.

Who am i

Before you want to be rich in life, you need to know yourself, one of the reasons for this is that, after you become a rich man, many people expect you to behave different from the past, and if you don’t know yourself and your behavior, your freedom to be strong and different will be reduced. Always ask yourself who I am and what I’m going to do to make me happy.

What do I like to do?

There is a sentence that says: “Write something about what you know’’
If you know a sentence and write it and you do not like that, you’ll be tired of it soon and you’re no longer willing to continue reading or re-writing that text. So, rather than looking for doing the things we know, we should follow the things we like, and continue the way with more motivation.
By following your favorites in life, you set things yourself later in your life, and this will bring you wealth. For some people, getting a certain amount is wealth; for others, investment and career advancement are wealth. You need to prioritize what you like in life, and know your definition of wealth.

Where does progress take place?

People who achieve wealth by a lot of efforts are not satisfied with staying in a particular situation, but they are throwing themselves to success.

  • Where does make me have a financial educational progress?
  • How can you have a better partner in work or life?
  • What are your financial goals for the next year?
  • How can you reach them?

Questions like this lead you to move beyond your own safe area, it allows you to grow and grow. The safe area is similar to the red lines that you draw for yourself and it’s impossible to get out of it.