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۶ important educational points that we should do in the behavior with our child

behavior with our child

Many people may think that the children don’t understand anything. But it is not true. Behaving with children should be very logically and carefully to give our child a correct education. In this article 6 important educational points in behaving with children will be explained. These points are not just for the parents. But all the people around children should try to do them.


The first point in behaving with children: realistic expectations

Our expectations from the children must be realistic. We mustn’t expect the child to learn something very soon. We mustn’t expect that his wrong behaviors improved very soon. In educating a children, we should pay attention to the gradual change and never expect him something more.

The second point in behaving with children: concentrating on one issue

Suppose that our child has different mistakes at the same time or has some behavioral problems. What is the best kind of behavior with the child in this case? Should we try to solve all these problems together? Or should we see the problems separately and solve them one by one? Many parents want their children be without mistakes and everyone admire them, so if they make a mistake, the parents try to solve everything together.

concentrating on one issue

In this situation, before having any kind of behavior with our child, we must first separate the mistakes of our child. Then try to solve them one by one. First, let’s choose one of the problems and try to solve it by choosing the right way, then go back to the next item. If we try to solve all the problems together, we cannot get the good result and we may also get a negative result, because we make our children under the pressure.

The third point in behaving with the children: coordination between our behavior and the child’s age

Behavior with the child should be in accordance to the age, type of personality, abilities and conditions that our child has. For example, we cannot treat with an introvert child extrovertly. I must know that children’s different abilities are made in different ages. On the other hand, all children of the same age do not enter the same level.
Similarly, the educational level of children is not the same. We may choose a method to deal with our child today, but maybe this method will not be answered tomorrow. Therefore, we must change our behavior according to our child’s circumstances.
Many parents who have more than one child make a mistake in their child’s behavior. They think that the parenting method that they have answered for the first child or previous children should also be answered for this child. But that’s wrong. The reason for this mistake is that parents forget each child to suit their own characteristics and conditions.

Fourth point in behaving with children: patience, patience, patience

patience child

As we said in the first point, we must have realistic expectations from our children. To have realistic expectations, we must be patient. We must remember that children don’t behave in a way that the parents expect. On the other hand, there are no complete children and parents. Therefore, we should not expect our children to be complete. So we should be patient and give time to them to get better. We must remember that small and gradual improvements are the keys to great advances.

Fifth Point in behaving with children: Coordination between the parents

Parents should have coordination with the child. So, as we said in the last point, you need to be patient and if you see a mistake of your child, be coordinated with your partner about his behavior before dealing with him. Of course, it’s better for you to be coordinated before a specific event happen. Anyway, dual parent’s behavior with the child destroys his education.

Sixth point in behaving with children: positive view

Dear parents, you are the supporter of your child. If you do not have a positive idea about your child for any reason, not only you cannot properly support him, but it will have negative effect on your relationship with your child in the future. So, if your child misbehaves, you should not miss your positive idea about him.
Do not think that your child’s correct behavior is his duty. In fact, the child does not know which behavior is right and which behavior is wrong. It is you who must lead him to the right behavior with encouragement and positive vision. If you have negative vision or a behavior only with punishment, you indirectly lead your child to inappropriate behaviors.
You should try to confirm your child’s positive behaviors and encourage them to do so. If you do this correctly, your child tries to repeat these behaviors in order to attract your attention and satisfaction and encouragement. In the same way, most of your child’s behaviors becomes the positive behaviors that are made with your encouragement.
As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, these educational points are not specific to parents. Rather, all the people who deal with children in some way, such as kindergarten educators, need to consider these six points for proper behavior with the child.