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6 reasons that prevents you from achieving wealth

Achieving wealth may be your most important wish. But let’s think why you did not achieve wealth and did not create a dreamy life for yourself. This article explains 6 reasons why you are not rich. If you want to know the 6 reasons, please read this article to the end carefully.
Achieving wealth can change life and is the key for happiness in life. But what are the reasons that prevent us from achieving wealth like wealthy people? David Osborn writes in the book ‘’Wealth Can’t Wait’’ explains the 6 reasons prevent you from achieving wealth.

1- You know everything

David Osborne, quoting Steven Hawking, wrote:

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge

Sometimes we think that we know everything and all of our information and expertise is enough. But this thinking is completely wrong. According to passing of time, there are always the things we need to learn. If you think your information is enough and you do not need to learn, the result will be the opposite and will prevent you from developing.

2- Do not risk

Do Not Risk

Risking is a skill that we should use it to achieve what we want. Achieving wealth and success needs risking. Don’t risk for success is a great failure.

3- A negative view about money

Every person’s view about money and wealth is completely different from the other. For example, some people consider achieving wealth as the best goal of their lives, and some consider achieving wealth as laziness and greed. We have to choose what the opinion we have about money and wealth.

4- Surrender

Hollywood’s greatest director Christopher Nolan’s first movie faced with the worst criticism and the lowest sales. But he did not surrender and he received the best scores from the critics in his next movie. When you choose a way to achieve wealth, there is no smooth way for you. If you intend to surrender on the way to wealth, tell yourself why you decided to achieve wealth, and how was your life before this decision.

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5- Blaming

blame yourself

You cannot repeat the past for yourself. Especially if those events bring you bad memories. Do not blame yourself if you’ve missed your money or work. No human is without mistake. By thinking and blaming yourself for something that has happened in the past, you will never move forward to get rich.

6- Have a fixed job

You may want to have a fixed job with a certain salary that does not experience the stress of unemployment or late pay. Even if you do not like that job. Be careful that this is not enough to achieve wealth. As it was mentioned above, risking is a skill. We must also take risks in our work and experience the things that are appropriate for our purpose, and not just a job with a fixed-salary, which is mostly like wasting our time.

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