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Learn about 7 barriers to success and how to deal with them

Learn about 7 barriers to success and how to deal with them

We all have the same wish which is achieving to success. We are trying to reach it, but for being successful in any way, we need to know the barriers in the way. If we are aware of the barriers to success, we can face with them in a better way. Here are 7 barriers to success and how to deal with them which is given to you.


۷ huge barriers to success

The barriers mentioned below are all internal barriers to success. Perhaps external factors play a role in creating that barrier, but its main root is because of ourselves. As a result, we need to rely on our strength and ability to solve it.

۱st barrier to success – self-doubt

1st barrier to success - self-doubt

Self-doubt is actually the opposite voice saying that I do not have the better ability or I cannot get more than that. Self-doubt is a kind of self-criticism. We cannot say that self-criticism is wrong. But criticizing a lot about ourselves will surely prevent you to achieve your success.

The reason for that self-doubt or self-criticism is known as a barrier to success is that this makes us destroy our dreams. We should not criticize ourselves a lot for not being doubtful about ourselves. Because lack of confidence make a barrier in the road to success.

We must accept the fact that being incomplete is a part of the human nature. We should try to achieve self-esteem despite all the possible deficiencies we may have in ourselves. As a result, we can accept our personality with all the positive and negative property. Moving on the way to success is possible by confidence.

۲nd barrier to success- jealousy

2nd barrier to success- jealousy

We all have a little or more jealousy in ourselves. But the intensity of jealousy in some people is so much that bothers themselves. People who are jealous always see others moving forward, while they think they are static and motionless. Jealous people are upset by the success of others, rather than trying more to increase their success.

That’s why jealousy is a barrier for success. If you feel jealous, you will not use your energy in the right way. With jealousy, your energy is used for being a barrier for the others or a reason for regretting rather than being used in a way to success. So be careful not to feel jealous in the way to success. Never be upset by the success of the others. But try to learn from the other’s success.

۳rd barrier to success-impatience

3rd barrier to success-impatience

Hurrying and lack of patience for success is probably the biggest barrier to success. Many people face this barrier in their own way to success. Many people are trying to succeed. But they get tired and disappointed in the middle. You need to be patient, in order to succeed. You must take the first step and then go to the second step and the next steps.

Many successful people have succeeded right at the peak of disappointment. One of the differences between successful people and the others is patience and enduringness in problems. Believe in yourself and do not be afraid of failures. Do not forget that the sun rains right after the peak of the darkness of the night.

۴th barrier to success – hopeless about the others

4th barrier to success - hopeless about the others

Our expectations from the others are a very important issue in our relationships. Many of us expect others to help us in the way to success. We expect them to take some part of our responsibility. But success is a way in which we must rely on ourselves.

The fact is that we cannot control others. If we put ourselves in touch with the expectations we have from the others, then we have closed the doors to success. Even if we control others or help them succeed, we must know that this is temporary. Therefore, we should not hope others to succeed. Because the possibility of disappointment is very high.

۵th barrier to success – love someone who does not like you

Do not spend your energy to be recognized as a special person by the others. As we said in the fourth barrier to success, do not depend on others to succeed. Try to be successful rather than spending energy to catch the others attention.

۶th barrier to success- financial problems

6th barrier to success- financial problems

Many people think that the main reason for failure is financial problems. But financial problems don’t mean to be poverty. Many successful people did not have much money on their starting way. Do not forget the money comes and goes. So having or not having money is not a problem.

Financial problems mean that financial decisions are wrong. By getting the right financial decisions we can get wealthy. We can also lose a lot of wealth by making mistakes. So try not to consider the poverty as a factor for failure. From now, try to make the right financial decisions in life.

۷th barrier to success – illness

7th barrier to success - illness

Illness is a danger for all the humans. Illness can take ability, energy and time from us. Many people lose their hope when they get sick. But the right thing to do in illness is to accept it as part of life. If we are ill, we should not forget to live. If we look at the disease as the end, we will have accepted our failure. Therefore, in the face of illness, we must consider it as a part of life and try to go through it.

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