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Teaching 7 techniques to increase income for all jobs

Teaching 7 techniques to increase income for all jobs

It does not matter what the job you have. You definitely love to increase your income. This article introduces 7 techniques to increase income. You can use these techniques to increase your income in any job you have. So do not miss the opportunity. After reading this article, start your effort to increase your income.


7 techniques to increase income

Everybody with every job, absolutely loves increasing income. If you think that in some jobs, like being an employee in an office, you cannot increase income, you are completely wrong. You do not even need to own a business. Even if you are a servant of a restaurant or worker, you can experience increasing income by using the techniques taught in this article. Be sure that the way of progress and success is not closed to you in any business you are. So carefully read the 7 techniques to increase income described below.

1- Learn how to sale to increase income

1- Learn how to sale to increase income
first you have to know their need

Selling in a simple word means meeting people’s needs. To sell something to someone, at first you have to know their need. Then find a solution to fix it. If you think this technique works only to those who want to sell something, you’re wrong. Suppose you are an employee of an office. When you know the client’s needs, you can solve their problem well. When this routine is repeated over and over again, the client’s satisfaction will surely increase from you, and you will progress in your job, which means increasing your income.

If you pay attention, all of us meet the people’s needs by our jobs and businesses. We can earn more money by thinking of how we can meet people’s needs better. Look at another example. Imagine a restaurant waiter. If the restaurant waiter can properly understand the needs of the consumer, for example, the food that the consumer wants to choose, so he can both get the best tip and increase the restaurant’s income by offering the best food according to the customer’s taste. As a result, the restaurant owner will pay more for keeping a waiter who increases his income.

They asked Steve Jobs: what do you do if the people cause you lose your job? He replied:

Again, I recognize a need of the people and try to meet it in the best way.

Steve Jobs

2- Increase your expert to increase income

Once in a major US company, a machine was broke down. All the specialists of that company came together and investigated to fix it, but failed. The managing director decided to get Einstein’s help to solve the problem. So he invited him to the company and asked him to check the device.

After a few moments, Mr. Einstein checked and chalked a piece of the machine and said that the piece should be replaced. The specialists did it and the machine was improved. Einstein’s payroll was determined $ 1,000 in his invoice. The company’s director was angry and said that it is much more than a chalk price. Einstein replied: $ 1 for a chalk and $ 999 for my expert. With this story, we realize that the more you specialize in your business, the more you earn money. More expert will make the competitors less and cause you try less and thus you have more income.

This technique, like the previous technique, is not for a special business. With every job you have, you can increase your income by increasing your expert.

3- Management

Try to direct and manage others

Management means that you can penetrate others in order to work for you in accordance to your needs. Management means that the other do all the things. If you look around you, the most successful and wealthiest people were good managers. You need to have knowledge and skills both together to manage others. Skills such as: Marketing, Sales, Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Accounting, Financial Management, and…

4- Produce what the customer needs

You have to try for producing the product or service in accordance to the customer needs. For example, if you are an employee and you need a client to receive a form from you.  Make that form available. Maybe it looks so simple. But it is very effective. When your behavior, the layout of your desk, your talking or your product is in accordance to the needs of the customer, the success doors and increasing income will open up to you.

5- Marketing

Try to market for yourself. For example, if you are an accountant in a company or store, you can also introduce yourself to the other stores and companies. Be sure that the others need your skill and art. So when you market for yourself, you have a chance to find the better jobs or more customers. This way you can increase your income more easily.

6- Buy time to earn more money

Buy time to earn more money
try to spend more time and do different things

Do not expect to do just one thing from the first day of your working. In any job you are, try to spend more time and do different things. By doing this, you increase your expertise. Job-founders tend to employ more capable people.

Even if you have started a business yourself, you must first try to do everything yourself. You do not have enough money to pay to the employee. But after having more customers, you can get new forces for a variety of jobs, such as marketing. This way, although your costs increase, but new forces will increase income. This way, by working you can buy more time for yourself to earn more money.

7- Family members’ cooperation

If you can make the family members unity to move toward a big goal, you’ll be successful much faster by using their abilities. If you can do some of the things with your family member’s helps, you share them on your own. In this way, you can also improve your family relationships and you have used the trusted forces to increase your income.

Dear friends, you can increase your income by using each one of these seven methods. But by doing all of them, you will experience increasing income sooner.

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