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۷ Ways to Increase Verbal Ingenuity and Attractive Speaking

7 Ways to Increase Verbal Ingenuity and Attractive Speaking

You see a lot of people who talk with pause and delay, or they need to spend a lot of energy for others to understand. But some people easily choose words and transfer their meaning to others. They say they have verbal ingenuity. Verbal ingenuity is not a congenital talent, but it can be learned. Here are some tips for increasing verbal ingenuity.


Methods for increasing verbal ingenuity

Methods for increasing verbal ingenuity

verbal ingenuity is not a congenital talent and We can learn it

As mentioned before, verbal ingenuity is not a congenital talent. We can learn it. Learning this skill can help us have a better relationship with the other. If we can talk better and more beautiful, we can more easily attract others and achieve our goals. Those who have this skill spend less energy for choosing the words and phrasing while talking. Instead, they spend their energy on analyzing the words and behavior of the others.

Therefore, it can be said that verbal ingenuity is a skill that will be effective in our daily lives. There are ways to increase verbal ingenuity.

۱-Imitating the best people

Imitating the best people

we can imitate artists, actors, people who are successful in their profession and speak beautifully

Children imitate others and get a very good result. Children often imitate the behaviors of the successful and powerful people around them. We can do the same. It means, we can imitate artists, actors, people who are successful in their profession and speak beautifully. This imitation can be about the words they use or the type and resolution of speech. That is, we can imitate both the interesting words they use and the way they transfer the words.

After today, we can increase our verbal ingenuity according to the words and speaking method of successful people who speak beautifully.

۲-Play with words to extend the vocabulary

Keep in mind that the game is one of the most powerful tools for teaching children. We can use the game to extend our vocabulary. The more the vocabulary we have, the easier and faster choose the words. Because we have many options to convey a concept. On the other hand, if the other one doesn’t understand what we mean, we can transfer our meaning by using other words and phrases.

Shakespeare is one of the greatest verbal geniuses in the world. He loved playing with words and added about 2,000 new words to the vocabulary that today they are high usage words in universal language. As a result, perhaps many ordinary words and combinations that we see today are the result of the verbal ingenuity of others in the past.

۳- Look for unknown words

Look for words that are new and they do not know the meaning of them. Many adults avoid being aware of the fact that they do not know anything. So they never want to know and learn new words. If you’re just at the area you know and refrain from entering new areas, you will not get anything new. Read this article to become familiar with danger and risk in life “10 steps to success by leaving the safe area – success is waiting for you behind the walls”

۴- Feed your brain well

Your brain needs 4 factors to feed properly: food, oxygen, information and love. To increase verbal ingenuity, you need to feed your brain with more information. Do not avoid learning new information. This information can be useful to you directly or indirectly.

۵- Learn from your mistakes

Some people mistakenly think that they will not be smart if they make mistakes. So they deprive themselves of new experiences. While we can learn from each mistake and these lessons make us progress. So let’s not be afraid to speak. Because in the worst case, we make a mistake that we can learn a new lesson from that. With the continuation of this process, our mistakes will be reduced after some times.

۶- Be friend with words

Try to look at the words like a child. The words should be new to you. You should try to be friend with words. Have feeling about words. When your verbal ingenuity increases, your emotions are more visible in your speaking. This is one of the secrets of influencing the others. Because when you speak, your emotions affect the others feeling. As a result, you can get more and better friendship.

۷- Efforts and perseverance in increasing verbal ingenuity

Efforts and perseverance are the keys to success in all phases of life. You must also try to increase your verbal ingenuity. Believe in yourself and your efforts. You will see the changes gradually, and more specifically, you will see the impact of these changes in your work and life.

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