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Get these 8 features to become a fortunate person

Being fortunate is all human’s common wish. But what is the real fortunateness? Everyone has a definition of fortunateness. Like money and wealth, health and tranquility … But we know that everyone want to reach a higher places even if they are at a high and well place. So achieving a specific place cannot be described as fortunateness. If you are looking for happiness, read this article to the end.

Eight Factors for being fortunate

Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, professor at the University of Michigan, has spent more than thirty years studying a sense of fortunateness. As a result of his studies, he has achieved eight features that can be described as the fortunateness factor. Each of these features is a potential happiness. When we try to achieve these qualities, we can experience the beginning of joy and fortunate inside us.

۱- Having clear goals

Having clear goals

If we have clear goals in life, we will not be involved with minor issues. In life, we all have different ways and works. If we have clear goals for our lives, we will use our time and energy to reach our goals in the way of life, and we will not be involved with the ways and works that are not in the line to the main goals.

How can we use of targeting for making joy and happiness in life? This is very easy. You can consider a goal related to the same task which is given to you. For example, suppose you should wash a lot of dirty dishes. You can categorize all the dishes. One goal is to finish the plates, one to finish the bowls and so on. Try it once. With this method, you get more satisfaction and happiness after the job is completed.

۲- Give feedback to your mind

We should give feedback to our brain for having joy and fortunate in life. The reason for this is related to our brain function. Our brain chooses a goal and try to be closer to it step by step. The brain needs to receive feedback for reaching the goal faster. So, for the brain to realize that it is moving in the direction of the goal, the brain needs to steadily receive our guidance.

On the other hand, we know that our emotions are under the control of our brain. (For having more information about brain function, read this article: “Do you know which hemisphere of your brain controls you?’’) So if we do not constantly give our brain feedback, our brain does not understand how much it is closer to the goal. This makes us feel disappointed and uncomfortable. So, in order to be fortunate, we should continually give feedback to our brain.

But how can we give feedback to our brain? If we have defined clear goals for ourselves, we can measure the possibility of achievement to these goals continuously. When we get closer to these goals, we should speak to ourselves. For example about washing the dishes, when washing the plates finish, you say to yourself: “well! The plates were washed. Now only the bowls and … remain. “Thus, your brain receives feedback from the activity you are doing.

۳- Concentrating on a topic

Often, we can concentrate on a few different topics at the same time. Although this may be an ability. But if we can concentrate on one topic at a moment, we will be more successful. In fact, being able to concentrate on just one topic at a moment is also an ability. When Newton was asked: “How did you discover the law of gravity?” He replied: “If you were only concentrating on that topic all your time, you could find it.”

۴- Being hopeful

Always believe that things will be better in the future. To achieve a sense of happiness and fortunateness, we need to create hope in ourselves. One of the important factors in the recovery of patients is hope. Of course, it should be noted that our chances of success are greater in what is within our control. Therefore, in order to strengthen our sense of hope, we need to find things that is more possible to being successful in them. Do not forget this proverb: “great promise, small performance.” So, do not make us disappointed by doing big works.

۵- working your best

If you can do something for itself, you will have a better feeling for doing that. So motivate yourself for doing anything.

۶- Not being worried about the others’ judgment

Not being worried about the others’ judgment

As long as we are concerned about others’ judgment, we cannot experience happiness. Happiness happens in our lives when the others’ judgment do not have any importance for us and the only important thing be our own situation. This occurs exactly in a trance. So we should try to pay less attention to others’ judgment in life.

۷- Having the feeling of control

Try to decide for yourself. When we can decide on the simplest things in our lives, such as where to sit, how to arrange our room and … we can get closer to happiness and fortunateness. So try to live in a way that you can decide for your life.

۸- Having a balanced life

Having a balanced life

Achieving happiness is possible when we arrive at a correct understanding of the problems in life and at the same time, have a correct understanding of our ability to face with problems in life. When we are successful in making a balance between our understanding of the problems and our understanding of our abilities, we will have fortunate life.

Have you ever do something that seems to you, time spent slowly or at highly? This is a time distortion. When we are successful in making a balance between understanding of the problems in life and understanding of our abilities, time spent quickly and we enjoy doing things. But if we are not successful in making this balance, the time spent slower and we feel tired and even frustrated at the end of the day.

Friends, believe in these eight factors to achieve happiness in life and try to reach them.

Life is a continuous movement between suffering and comfort. A stream of learning and using of these learnings.

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