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8 sales plans that increase your competition power in all businesses

Of course you want to sale in all the businesses. Since everything has its own way and special principles and rules, you have to know all the sales plans to increase sales and be successful in your work. In this article we will explain nine sales plans that increase your competition power in all businesses.

8 Sales plans for increasing competition power

The present competition is different from the competition in the previous decades. In the past, more focus was on competition with competitors, so it was possible to achieve more profits by supplying the products or services better and wider. But the form of competition becomes different in the present. In today’s world, you have to compete with customers too.

The present is a communication era. The customers have a lot of information in the current decade. You cannot imagine that the customer will visit you without having the basic information. It does not matter whether you offer a product or a service, however, the customer comes to you with a lot of information. So by showing the product you cannot compete in this market and increase your sales.

This is the question: How can we compete in this market and how can we increase our sales? You can find the answer to this question in the new sales plans. In new sales plans, your focus is more on the customer than anything else. Because you need to be able to convince the customer to buy the product or service from you, not any of your competitors.

It does not matter if your competitors’ background is more than you or they have more money for advertising. Because nowadays people pay less attention to ads. Because they have seen various types of ads and sometimes false promises behind them. So you can surpass your competitors just by using the correct sales plans. In the following, we will teach you 8 sales plans that are effective for all businesses.

1- Do not think about selling for having more sales

The first sales plan tells us that sales are not about selling at all. When you concentrate on selling, you try to sell your product or service to any customer. Maybe you’ll succeed in a few cases, but are you sure that the customers are satisfied with this or not?

Stop focusing on selling now
Not focus on selling. Instead of concentrating on sales, concentrate on helping the customer

In addition, when you try to sell, you see that you lose a lot of customers. So do not focus on selling. Instead of concentrating on sales, concentrate on helping the customer. When you focus on helping the customer, you can create a positive feeling in your customer whether you are able to sell something to him or not. The same positive feeling can attract the customer back to you.
So now, use the word ‘’help’’ instead of the word “sales” and think about these questions to help your customer better.
• How can you help them?
• How does your product or service meet the most important needs or demands of the customer?
• What kind of the customer’s problem does your product or service solve?
• What positive difference is made in the customer’s life if he buys your product or service?
Stop focusing on selling now if you want to sell more and try to help others instead of trying to sell. Remember, if your product or service does not help your customer, then you won’t be able to keep the customer satisfied and you will continue to lose sales. So focus on helping the customer instead on focusing on sales.

2- Be like-minded and sympathetic with your customer

In the second sales plan, we learn how to increase sales by looking on the issue from the customer’s view. Only in this situation your marketing message penetrates the customer’s depth mind. To do this, you need to understand, experience and touch your customers’ feelings and be like-minded and sympathetic with them.
So you should ask yourself:
• What do the people think about?
• What are they worried about?
• What are their hopes, wishes and goals?

Feel these questions and become like-minded with them and understand their worries and their hopes. Suppose you are an estate agent. Your customer wants to buy a house for investment. If you do not understand this point and just concentrate on its place and say that this house is very suitable for living, you cannot influence this customer. If you focus on the future of the house, its increasing price, its better location and the other new options and access in the future, you can increase your chances for selling.

3- Pay attention to your customers’ needs

The third new sales plan tells that you need to know the customer’s needs properly. In the first and second sales plan, we said that we should think about helping the customer instead of focusing on sales, and we should be like-minded and sympathetic with the customer. It is not possible to do these two steps without knowing the exact needs of the customer

help customers
To help customers choose right products

If you do not know the customer’s needs, you will make him go. You can attract the customer only by knowing him. So, before you introduce one of your products or services, search about the customer’s needs. If possible, try to identify your customer’s needs before contacting him. If this is not possible, do not go ahead with speculation. Try to identify customer’s needs by asking questions cleverly. Of course try to talk less and listen more. Ask your questions in a way that the customer gives you the necessary explanation.
If you know your customer’s needs well, you will overcome your competitors who have more backgrounds, money and power than you. So focus on knowing the customer’s needs to be like-minded and sympathetic with him and help him the most.

4- Use the best possible communication channels

Using the right communication channel is one of the most important sales plans. Use a channel to communicate that never get the bad answer. Try to behave professionally. The bad answer is for amateur people. You should not behave like the amateurs.

Most of the time, face-to-face connection is better than phone connection. Because you have more communication tools in face to face connection. For this reason, in many cases phone calls or voice communications is better than text communication. But these formulas are not always correct. According to their situations or positions, the best option can vary

best answer to customer
Try to behave professionally. The bad answer is for amateur people

Always try to choose the easiest way for getting the positive answer. In many cases it is better to create a communication bridge between yourself and the customer instead of using the straight way. It means trying to use one person for connecting with the customer. Sometimes, if a valid resource introduce you to the customer, your chances for being successful will increase a lot.
Do not assume that this is a way for special businesses. Suppose you are a home appliance dealer. A couple comes to you. Maybe you cannot persuade both of them. So try to convince one of the couples and use it to persuade the other one. In fact, in this example, you have used one of the couples as a communication channel with another person.

5- Wholesale

Wholesale is also an important sales plan. Change your thoughts if you want to increase your money. Use a wholesale instead of single sales. Suppose you have a supermarket again. We know that having more sales means your money will be returned back quicker. Use different designs to sell more products to the customer.
Another way to use wholesale instead of single sales is to find and communicate with influential people in your business. These people are connected to a wider network of customers. So you can increase your sales by helping them.

6- Affect the customer

Try to affect the customer. You will be constant in the customer’s mind. One of the ways that you can influence the customer is following them. By doing this, you may lose one of your five customers but you can get four.
Nowadays we know that the customer does not buy something without information. To influence the customer, you can give him more information than what he has. By this way the customer feels that you are an expert and can trust you more.

7- Sell to the best customers, forget the others

At the beginning of your work, you must try to increase your customers. But after a while, it’s better for you to focus on the best customers. Just ten percent of your customers are the best buyers that bring you the most benefit. You have to spend a lot of energy to serve all your customers. This is while just 10% of your customers bring you the most benefit. So focus on this 10%.

Sell to the best customers, forget the others
Sell to the best customers

You may need to increase your customers at the beginning, but remember that the benefit’s secret is not in having more customers but it’s in having valuable customers. Do not forget that the value of an excellent customer is 100 times more than the average customer

8- Make your fifty dreamy team

In the last sales plan, you should try to create a list from your 50 dreamy customers. And see with which customers will your business be developed? So find them. Do not try to add the people who are your currently customers in your list.
Even look for customers who may not have dared to think about them as a customer. By doing this, you are trying to expand your work borders. So look for people who you have the dream for working with. Since now, your goal will be to attract dreamy customers.

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