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The book “9 Golden Steps of Change by NLP”

Golden Steps of Change by NLP

If you have probably seen a bookstore or sites related to book sale, you observe some volumes of NLP that encourage you to purchase and study about Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP science. But if you study all relevant books, all of them have tried to refer to the history or application/usages of this science and not many books address the techniques about achieving success through NLP.


Introduction to NLP

Human has always dreamed of the insight, awareness, mental and behavioral capabilities of super-successful people. NLP or Neuro-linguistic programming has extracted the mental and verbal patterns of prosperous humans in different fields in the world and has shown their decision-making and reaction in life in form of efficacious and quick techniques; thereby, NLP is able to change the mind of you, your children or anybody else in such a way that you think, act and conclude like successful people in the world. NLP is capable to make you a prosperous person in any level.

The book “9 Golden Steps of Change by NLP”

The book “9 Golden steps of change by NLP” written by Mr. Farshid Pakzat (NLP international master) and Ms. Ronak Roshangar (NLP international trainer) has been collected and provided as if the soul of NLP has been embodied in it; this book simply, clearly and deeply makes you familiar with NLP and its very practical techniques help you to live better, solve your problems and take steps towards your dreams. The contents of this book are listed as following:

  • NLP defaults
  • NLP principles/basics
  • Filters (different mental processors)
  • NLP and meta-models
  • Correct targeting technique by NLP
  • Effective communications
  • Changing bad memories
  • Milton model in NLP
  • Conditioning to make and control feelings
  • E-Prime