Achieve all your wishes with the help of Farshid Pakzat Farshid Pakzat increases the Iranian people’s knowledge and awareness in the world and helps them try to be successful in life, solve their financial problems and family issues, achieve wealth, overcome fears, strengthen self-confidence, increase creativity, train the unconscious mind, set the goals and solve their different problems in life and have the happiest life. By joining Farshid Pakzat, the newest information will be sent for you.

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About Farshid Pakzat

Farshid Pakzat, Tabikaran Research Group’s leader, is active in the field of NLP training, wealth, success, individual and organizational development.
His goal is to help you achieve your personal and organizational goals and know yourself more easily and quickly than you think. Farshid Pakzat has studied, surveyed and trained psychology of success more than 10 years. He had about 1,800 seminars in Iran that more than 100,000 people were attended in the seminars, and about 500,000 people in Iran are following their activities. He has also produced more than 50 audio and video educational products for the Persian speakers in the world.
Having more than 1800 seminars in different fields such as earning wealth , NLP , success , mind control , feelings , healthy body , self-confidence , effective communication , parenting ,marital relationship , goal setting and …

  • Working with municipalities, city council, universities, community centers, schools, educational system and …
  • Attending in live TV shows as an expert
  • Several radio programs
  • having a setting goals workshop and laughter yoga in the United Arab Emirates
  • counseling the Greco roman wrestling team in national competitions
  • Member of the successful Iranian clubs board of directors in the world
  • Member of the constant Iranian institute board of founders
  • Representative of the happiness and success institute in Qazvin and Kermanshah
  • Member of the successful family NGO board of Founders and board of directors
  • Member of the founding board and the director of Tabikaran success institute
Certificates :
  • NLP Communication from Body and Mind France
  • NLP Practitioner by the International Association of IANLP
  • INNLP Master Training in the Art and Science of NLP
  • Life Skills Training from Research Training Center of Tehran University
  • NLP Practitioner from America
  • Hypnotherapy and Virginia Stair Family Therapy certificate and …

Educational background:
  • Holding a success workshop at the Yadegar Imam library in Mohammadieh
  • Holding a success workshop at the city council of Mohammadieh
  • Holding a success workshop in Qazvin Municipality Hall
  • Holding a success workshop at the place of Qazvin Al Zahra Community Center
  • Holding a success workshop at Karaj Kosar Community Center
  • Holding a success workshop at the Educational Tohid Center
  • Holding a success workshop at Qazvin Educational Kosar Center
  • Holding a success workshop at the Qazvin Islamic Advertising Organization
  • Holding a seminar at Qazvin Payame Noor University
  • Holding self-hypnosis workshop at Allameh Dehkhoda University in Qazvin
  • Holding NLP Workshop at Allameh Dehkhoda University of Qazvin and other institutions
  • Holding a setting goals workshop and laughter yoga in UAE
  • Holding seminars and success workshops and NLP in Tehran, Mashhad, Tabriz, Orumieh, Kermanshah, Sanandaj, Ardebil, Hamadan, Tehran, Ahvaz, Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, Bandar Abbas, Karaj and Qazvin.
Training classes:

۴۵-hour success workshop in all aspects of life-

NLP communication and NLP practitioner workshop –

NLP Master Workshop –

Practical and theoretical wealth principles workshop (advanced) –

One-day targeting workshop –

One-day communication workshop –

One-day self-confidence workshop –

One-day self-hypnosis worksh-

One-day Laughter yoga Workshop-


Polite Brain, Impolite BrainNine Golden Steps of Change by NLPAnnual Targeting Book

: Many different articles in different fields of success and books in the form of writing

All success steps-


Success stories for children –

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Farshid Pakzat and Tabikaran Research Group want to teach you the things based on theoretical and practical research in line with developed countries in the world with the lowest cost and time for the people with Persian language and other people in the world to help people and organizations and take a step towards a better life and move towards evolution, so that humans can walk alongside with a love for a more beautiful and enjoyable world.
Come along with us in this green path and make a contribution in building a better world.

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