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What are the ambiguities about karma law?

What are the ambiguities about karma law?

Karma law is one of the laws of the universe. But there are always ambiguities about the laws of the universe. In this article we will answer the most common questions about karma. Of course, we have explained about Karma, the types of it, and its effects in our lives.


I recommendyou read this article for more information: “Get familiar with karma inHinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Persian Literature.” In the following, wewill answer 3 common questions about this law.

I save everyone but they never save me

I save everyone but they never save me
You will get a good answer from the universe

Karma saysyou get the result of what you do (whether good or bad). But some say: “Wesave everyone but they never save us” Certainly these people are right.Because they describe their life experience. But can it be concluded that Karmais wrong? I tell you surely that Karma law does not make a mistake

So what isthe problem? The problem is that you expect to get your answer from the personyou help. But you need to know that when you do a good job, the good karma thatis produced from doing that job comes into the world and the world returns itto you. In fact, you give goodness to theworld and this is the world that returns your goodness to you.

Ensure thatthe world returns the result of your good work in the best time and place.Maybe today, because of the good work you have done, you have produced a goodkarma and sent it to the world, but at a different time and place you will getthe result. You may not even realize the good thing that has happened to you isyour good work answer. Even Sa’di Shirazi has referred to this concept.

 “You toss charity in the Tigris, and God shallreturn it in the desert.”

Why do badpeople have a good life?

Why do bad people have a good life?
Why are bad people not punished?

Many of uslook at the other’s lives and judge Karma law. For example, we see someone whooppresses others but has a good life so we conclude that there is no karma lawor it does not work properly. But again, you make a mistake. For explaining thereason for this claim, we should remind 2 points.

The firstpoint is that you do not know the inside of the other’s lives. One day Mosesasked God, “Why don’t you torture Pharaoh for the wrongdoing? God replied,“Pharaoh gives food to my servants generously in his palace everyday.” So when we do not know everything about the other’s lives, we cannotjudge whether Karma’s law is right about him or not.

The secondpoint is that, as we have pointed out, Karma gives the right answer in a propertime and place in a decent manner. It was said in the anecdotes that a richperson had many sheep. When he wanted to sell their milk, he mixed the milkwith water. Shepherd always said don’t do this. But the rich man believed thatnobody would understand it. Until one day the flood took his all money. Therich man was surprised to find that all his assets were lost in the flood.Suddenly, the shepherd said to him: “All those waters that you added tothe milk were gathered together and took all your assets at once.

Sometimeskarma law brings all the results of our work together and gives us the answerat once.

Do we getanswer in accordance to our good and bad works as to karma?

Do we get answer in accordance to our good and bad works as to karma?
Do we get answer in accordance to our good works?

The answerthat the universe gives you through Karma is in accordance with your createdgood or bad effects in the other’s lives. Let’s take an example to make itclearer. For example, you help someone with a good intention and give him about۱۰ Million Rial. It is a mistake to think that Karma returns the same amount toyou. For example, if this help can solve a big problem, it’s likely that you’llget bigger answers. This answer can be either material or immaterial.

Perhapssomeone can take a toy from a child one day. Although this does not seem to bea bad thing, but it will have bad effects on that child’s life. So karma causesthe universe to give you an answer which is in accordance with your created badeffects on that child’s life.  

In the end,we recommend you to love and do good things for the others. Be sure you willget your good answer in a proper place.

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