anything about the truth

Why can you never know anything about the truth?

If we accept that we cannot get the truth, there will be no prejudiced and no misunderstanding. It’s perfectly true that no human can know nothing about the truth. In this article, we explain the correctness of this claim and explain the things in our minds as the truth.
We often use the word truth and reality instead of each other. In some cases, it is ok. But understanding the differences between the two words can have a strange effect on our lives. In this article, we do not want to talk about the correct use of the word reality and truth. Our goal in writing this is to make our lives better by understanding the differences between the two words. To understand the differences between reality and truth, we first define their concepts.

What is the reality?

The reality is something happened. So reality is what happened to us. It means that it is our angle of view that creates the reality. So if several people see one thing, the reality can be different for them. So far, we have realized that the reality of a certain event can be different for different people.

Why is the reality of a constant event different for different people?

According to NLP, humans receive information from around the world through 3 channels. These channels are known ‘’preferred channels’’ in NLP. These 3 preferred channels are visual, auditory and sensory (or touch) channels. A very simple and brief explanation about preferred channels is that every human being gets more and better information through one of these channels.

 reality of a constant event

For example, if an accident occurs, the more accurate and clearer picture of the accident will be recorded in the mind of a person with visual preferred channel. A person who has auditory preferred channel will remind the sounds of the crash better. Someone who has sensory (or touching) preferred channel is more affected by feeling fear and discomfort by the accident.

What effects do the mental filters have on creating reality?

When the information about an event comes into the people’s mind through their preferred channels, it’s time to process that information. At this level, the reality becomes different for different people. That is, the brain can make the information pass through 3 filters after receiving information, while processing them.
NLP believes that every human has 3 mental filters called distortion, generalization and deletion. These mental filters cause the information that we receive through preferred channels to be processed in different ways and create different internal or external responses.

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What is the truth?

The word truth comes from true. It can be said that the truth of a story is not a part of that story, but it’s all the story with all its dimensions. Truth is something that’s always true. It doesn’t change by changing the people or changing the people’s view. The truth is independent and it doesn’t depend on the people’s view. In other words, the truth of everything is the essence of that thing.
We can explain the differences between the truth and reality with a simple example. Suppose an apple is in front of you. When you look at this apple, you will see its red color and smell it. This information makes you feel that this apple is very tasty. We can say that delicious apple is a reality that has come to your mind.
What is the truth about apples? Behind this apple, where you cannot see may be corrupt and dirty. This is what makes the apple taste sour or have a bad tasting. So, what we think is true may be far from the reality. So, we must be careful about our own judgments and try to understand that the reality that is in our mind can be far from the truth.

How to get closer to the truth?

To get closer to the truth, we should try to increase our knowledge about the story, the event, the object, or anything else. One of the best ways to increase our knowledge is reading and using the others’ experiences. It’s better to try to judge less, and when we want to get the result, we should pay attention to the point that this result may be according to the fact that is far from the truth, then we will not have misunderstanding and disagreement.

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