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Arash Ferdowsi Biography; the Founder of Dropbox

Arash Ferdowsi

Arash Ferdowsi is the founder of Dropbox, and we introduce him and his successes completely in this article.


Arash Ferdowsi, born in 1985 in Overland Park, Kansas. His parents were from Iran. After passing his high school in Northwest, he was able to go to MIT but after a while he left the university.

His educational period

Arash Ferdowsi had a good educational period at MIT and at the same time was analyzing code and algorithms. Gholam Ferdowsi (Arash Ferdowsi’s father) has played a great role in his boy’s learning and analyzing the information of coding system. Drew Houston, one of the two founders of Dropbox, may have had the most significant effect on Arash’s quitting from university. When the idea of cloudy space came to Houston’s mind, he published it as a demo on the Internet, and Arash liked the idea and then they met each other after a while. This meeting and becoming interested in the idea made him quit the university and focus on the main idea developing Dropbox. Houston considers this to be very important and it’s like having a marriage in the first meeting!

Dropbox Growth Story

When both of them started developing Dropbox, they quickly became popular. According to the fact that the role of Dropbox was keeping files in Internet, they needed management and, more importantly, better service. In 2007, their office was in San Francisco and, because their initial finance was a little, they decided to attract an investor and then increase their labor force. Dropbox now has representations and attract forces in more than 12 countries worldwide. Arash Ferdowsi, in addition to guide all the related ideas, was also responsible for controlling the projects and recruiting.

Steve Jobs and Dropbox

In 2009, Houston was invited to Apple to meet Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs wanted to buy Dropbox with a huge amount (according to the media, 6 to 9 digits number). But Houston is disagreed to sale Dropbox to Apple, and believes Dropbox could be more successful. However, most experts in this area believe that Dropbox could be more profitable if it was sold to Apple. In 2009, Dropbox only had 30 million users, and Apple’s offer could be tempting for many companies. Great services like Google and Apple also have their own cloud service, but it’s hard to say that Dropbox has failed. Currently, Dropbox has 500 million users around the world with 1 billion dollar revenue per year.

Arash Ferdowsi’s role in Dropbox

Arash Ferdowsi doesn’t like to have interview with the media, and we may see less interview with him in internet. But in an interview he had with Bloomberg many years ago, he said about his duties in Dropbox. In addition to doing all job interviews, he is also controlling the projects. According to his words, a meeting is held with senior developers every Fridays in company and the process is reviewed.

Arash Ferdowsi’s interesting business tips

  • About one billion files are stored in Dropbox per day
  • 58% of US lawyers prefer to use this service
  • In 2019, the company’s pure income is $ 386 million