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What are the properties of a good teammate? Are we good teammates?

If we want to be successful in teamwork, we should be good teammates and as well, we should select our teammates well. Therefore, we need to know what the properties of a good teammate are. In the previous article, we explained that teamwork and group work are different and the most important distinctive feature of teamwork is reaching positive synergy. In addition, we stated what properties a team should have in order to find positive synergy.

Since a team has an integrated nature and the team members should make good communications with each other, team management and leadership and as well, communication of members with each other are greatly significant. For these reasons, we discuss these topics in this article.

Intelligence or Proficiency? Which one is the most important property of a good teammate?

When people decide to choose a teammate, most of them consider one of these two factors, intelligence and proficiency, as the most important properties. In your view, are these factors selected accurately as the most important properties of a good teammate? To find the answer, let’s have a look at the previous article.

property of a good teammate

Positive synergy is the most important property of teamwork. If the team members want to reach positive synergy, they are required to have common aims and approaches, complementary skills and high flexibility. The reality is that neither intelligence nor proficiency do not guarantee team success.

New scientist website has worked on factors specifying team success as a report. Based on the research results, people’s intelligence has no effect on the general performance of a team. In fact, if we select the most intelligent people for our team, there is no guarantee that our team would succeed.

You may say that one’s proficiency plays a decisive role in team success. Yes, that’s right! Definitely, proficiency is a determinative factor and it has been referred as one of the essential properties to achieve synergy. But if you pay a little attention, you’ll see that possessing supplementary proficiencies is the necessary property to reach synergy.

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When we talk about complementary skills, we refer to two points. One is to have proficiency and the other is the team members’ ability to interchange these skills to complete the needs of the team. The team members’ should have the ability to share their technical and specific information together. Otherwise, the team cannot achieve synergy which is the most important feature of teamwork.

What is the most important property of a good teammate?

Researchers investigated different properties. They have reviewed some properties like individual intelligence, personality, social sensitivity, satisfaction with team, and motivation with different psychological tools. The results showed that social sensitivity is the most important feature for a team success.

How we had good teammate

By social sensitivity, it means that the members of a society are apathetic about the anomalies and social problems. However, the majority of humans get upset when they face a social anomaly or they see other’s problems. But most of the people do not show any reactions in confrontation with these problems.

Suppose that we see someone is throwing rubbish in the street. Some people even don’t feel bad when they see such a scene. Some get upset but do not show any reaction. There are just a few people who may show reflection as seeing this scene. These are people who have social sensitivity.

It is important to have social sensitivity in a team, because it both increases the coherence of team members and it helps the team members as a united body to move towards their goals more easily, and more quickly. Thus, if our team is formed by intelligent and specialized people with low social sensitivity, we may not achieve our ultimate goal.

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What is the effect of a female teammate on teamwork?

The researches demonstrated that women’s membership in a team can raise its efficiency. Scholars guess that’s due to social sensitivity matter. Because women usually show higher social sensitivity than men. However, the results of these researches have surprised everyone.

Since it was shown in last studies that when a team is made up of man and woman, most of the women feel that they are disregarded in the team, this has led researchers suggest that if you want to form a team and it is not possible to assess social sensitivity, let women participate in teams and increase their activity portion in order to reach better results.

According to what was mentioned up to here, it can be said that the basic rules of teamwork are as following:

  • All team members should have a sense of belonging to team.
  • There must be mutual respect among all team members.
  • All team members should try to help the team to find the final solution.
  • All team members should know that it is their duty to take part in making decisions.
  • All team members should participate regularly in meetings and attend the meeting on time.
  • There must be mutual trust among team members.
  • Team members should feel security in their relations.
  • Every member should know the team success as his own success, consequently trying for its success.

Role of Leadership and Management in Teamwork

Management and leadership are two different issues. The leader of a team is someone who is a model and guide for others. The leader can encourage and motivate the team members to continue their work. Leadership in a team is not an official post. Therefore, each of teammate can be team leader. However, this is personality characteristics of a teammate makes him/her a team leader.

Role of Leadership

But management is a position for which a teammate should be chosen. A person in management status is required to have high decision-making power and communicate well with other team members. The manager should listen to others’ opinions and select the best way among them.

How Can We Raise Trust and solidarity?

As we already referred, it is highly important to have trust and solidarity among team members. To make this trust and solidarity, the leader and manager (usually one person has these two positions) can take advantage of games and travel tours both in forming the team and in other processes.

Applying games and common travel among team members help us to recognize the personality characteristics of our teammate better and as well, makes a more intimate relation with the members.

Finally, if we need a member who doesn’t have the necessary properties for teamwork, we can take these 3 actions: teach him teamwork, or assign individual tasks to him/her, or forget him/her as a teammate.

If you are busy in a teamwork or you decide to start a teamwork, we hope that you can select a good teammate for your team to reach your purpose rapidly. If you are working in one team, reinforce the required properties in yourself according to what was mentioned, ultimately achieving maximum efficiency.

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