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Asking the correct questions by NLP (first part)

correct questions

When you know which questions are the best to ask, the better and faster you get the result. But when we’re talking about the correct questions, it means that you should know exactly what to ask for getting the best answer. Wrong questions can make the person confused and the wrong information is transmitted to the person (you).


Asking the correct questions

Before asking a question think how to ask the questions to get the best answer, and ask your question briefly. The type of question you are asking is as important as the answer you receive.

Question or judgment

The words we give to the other person may accidentally create the feeling that he is judged. People know that it is hard to not judging the ideas, their desires and the needs of themselves and the others. Especially those who are close to them. You are affecting others at any moment, and this will happen involuntarily.
We are not the main culprit about the questions that unconsciously lead to a sense of judgment, because we assume that the question is correct and we have asked it on the basis of adequate knowledge of the other person. Our hypothesis may not always be correct. According to NLP these are the questions that are not clear.

Asking Comet Questions

Like solving a mathematical equation, it is sometimes necessary to ask comet questions to have a better understanding about the concept of a question. It means that we should try to ask the main question in section and get the answer by details. For example, in an emergency situation, when someone has been poisoned with food and has an emergency call, the operator asks the following questions from the caller:

  • Is the injured alert?
  • Does the injured have high fever?
  • Is the injured alert?
  • Has the injured been poisoned before?
Comet Questions

In fact, the operator knows that the recipient cannot answer all the questions in a general way, so he asks questions with details to get enough information. This is a sample of the questions with details that will guide us to find the exact and final answer. Please note that the length of the questions should not be exceeded and the questions should include the main topics.

Discovering clear questions

The general purpose of using a clear language is to eliminate any kind of bias that may exist in our questions. Although clear questions may sometimes seem irrelevant, but there is a difference between these and other types of questions. Be careful that ambiguous questions are in contradiction to the clear questions. Pay attention to the following questions to understand more:

  • Do you think this color is good?
  • Can I count on that person?
  • Does the teacher teach this lesson well?

The 3 above questions were the questions that have only yes or no answer, and you get only a vague result of your question’s answer. You do not know the person answers according to his personal opinion or your needs. These questions cannot be clear questions because the answer you receive is not clear.