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Be familiar with the four main factors affecting your wealth

four main factors affecting your wealth

Some people think that having more money is equal to being richer. Is becoming rich equal to having more income? Is this a true idea? In this idea, low income is a major cause of poverty. The person with this kind of thoughts will always try to earn more money, because he considers being rich equal to having more income. But this is completely wrong. Farshid Pakzat’s research group will make you familiar with the main factors of being rich.


Parkinson law for being rich

Becoming rich does not depend on your income. Parkinson law of wealth explains this precisely. According to Parkinson law, each person’s costs increase as his income. According to this law, becoming rich is not the result of having more money. Because the costs will increase by having more income. So what other factors affect our riches?
Before looking at the factors that affect wealth, it’s better to explain the meaning of wealth. Because we thought that becoming rich is possible only by having more income. Though wealth can have many different meanings, such as health and relaxation. But here, in our view, wealth is only the material dimension of wealth.

What is the real meaning for wealth?

Suppose that you are in a situation that have to change all of your property into money. At the same time, you cannot be indebted to anyone. So you have to change everything you own, such as land, car, houses, and cashes and … to money. Then you have to settle all your debts such as car loans, mortgages, and so on. The amount that finally remains for you is called your wealth or your pure asset value. So your wealth is the same as your pure asset value.

your wealth
The truth is that the amount of wealth you have does reflect your life value

Most people do not have information about asset value. While your financial health determines your asset value. Rich people understand the great difference between incomes and asset value. Job earnings are important, but it’s just one of the four factors that determines your pure asset value.

۴ factors determining the pure asset value

The rich people know that increasing the asset value, which is equal to becoming rich, is an equation that includes four factors. Because each of these factors are necessary and essential. These are the four factors

  • Income
  • savings
  • Investment
  • Simple life

If we simulate wealth to a car, these four factors are like four tires of a car. The rich people ride the car well on four wheels. That’s why they are fast, soft, straightforward and easy in reaching to their destination which is becoming rich. But poor and average people, ride the wealth car just on one of the wheels. They believe that they only have to make money to achieve wealth.

four main factors affecting your wealth
So you have to change everything you own, such as land, car, houses, and cashes and … to money

These people believe this because they never gain the necessary training. In fact, poverty is because of that we have not received the training on these four determinative factors for becoming rich.
You can get an educational wealth package which is a comprehensive course to learn 0 to 100 tips and ways to become rich. This training is provided by Professor Farshid Pakzat and includes the four main factors of wealth such as income, savings, investment and simple life. In addition, there are some discussions about increasing creativity, helpful beliefs for increasing wealth and eliminate limiting wealth beliefs. In this package, trainings are taught for success and wealth.

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