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How to get the best results by working less

Probably most of you believe in this sentence ‘’we cannot get the result we want by working less.’’ This means that you get the better result by working 10 hours a day than 8 hours a day.

So why can’t people get the desired results by working a lot and are constantly unhappy with the conditions? And why do they see people who are more successful and get what they want by working less?

When we say we can get the better results by working less, it means that we should use our skills and ideas in the best way, which is hard and takes time. There are some ways in this article that help you increase your productivity and get the most result by working less.

The 80 20 rule

The 80 20 rule tells us that 80 percent of the work comes from the 20 percent of the time and energy spent for doing it. It means that working a lot is not a guarantee for being more successful. But every day we do a lot of things that just a part of them is useful and we can get the result we want by doing them.

The 80 20 rule
The 80 20 rule

In order to execute this rule in your life, you must remove everything involved you doing that 80 percent (useless works). First ask yourself whether the thing I want to do is about that 80 percent or 20 percent?

Parkinson’s Law

After the rule 80 20, there is a second law for working less and have more productivity. Parkinson’s Law says that “each work takes time as long as it is allocated.’’ It relates to time management. The less time we waste on useless works and spend that time for doing more useful works, the more productive we will be. Schedule your work. If you think you should spend 30 minutes for doing something, then it is wrong to spend more time for it in a day. First determine the priorities. To have a better understanding of this section, it is recommended to read the daily work list article.

Individual energy

Useless working will cause your energy finish for doing useful things. We need energy for having every activity or thought. With these explanations, we can maximize our work productivity if we can divide our energy among the tasks we have to do. You must have had the experience that you had little energy for doing a thing and you didn’t get the result you wanted. There are some ways to manage the energy that we will mention them.

  • Do not do as much work continuously and take a short break between your daily routine.
  • Complete the project you have within a specified time. For example, a person is used to spend ten minutes a day to complete a project. Finish the works as quickly as possible with a specific schedule.
  • Don’t forget the things that can energize you, such as drinks or fun games.

What kind of people are you from? The people who have the most physical effort in 24 hours and don’t get what they want or do the least work with the most productivity? Send us your comments.

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