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The best way to solve the problems with NLP techniques

Problems always exist and are not for some communities. Even the wealthy people have some problems in life, and there is no one to live without problem.
Many of us can recommend our friends or families, who have problems, the best ways to solve their problems. But if the same problem comes to ourselves, solving it will be hard for us. What is the reason? The answer is simple. When we look at the problem from outside, we can solve it easier.

Solving the problems in life with a different look

There are always some ways to solve problems that the others have concluded from that and we have searched about them ourselves. But this time we are talking about solving problems with a different look. When we look at problems with a different view and a solution comes to our mind, feeling happy for discovering this solution will almost make us forget the problem for a few minutes.

The problem starts from the point where the way of changing the situation does not succeed and we fail. Here, the human mind begins to solve this problem again with a bad experience from the first solution and a belief in failure. We afraid of failing again, so it makes us go to the second way to solve the problem a little harder, which reduces the brain’s efficiency in solving problems. Now, to solve this problem, we need to do and adhere to some points and we talk about them.

solve the problems

Level one- ask question

In this way, we must ask ourselves to find out the reason of the problem. Sometimes problems are from somewhere that we do not know the origin and cause of them, and not knowing them is another big problem.

Level two- answer the questions

At this point, before doing exercises, you need to choose a person around you, such as a friend or a family member, who has had a problem like your problem and has been able to solve that problem. Then empty your mind, take a little deep breath and focus on your mind and answer the question: what would you do if you were in that person’s shoes, and what solution would you recommend the other person?

By answering this question, we have gotten the answers as a person who has solved this problem in the past. And we have a better feeling because we’ve gotten the solution for the problem, and we need this good feeling for the next levels and problem solving.

Level three- mental inertia

One of the great features of the brain is that it tries to keep our minds in a situation and it is called a mental inertia. This condition makes the mind solve problems, and the problem solving conditions are more. What we need to do is to find out 5 more solutions to solve our problem, and because our mind is in problem-solving mode, we will answer more quickly. Because we may not get a particular result from the first method and search for other methods.

Level Four- information analysis

At the final level of solving the problems by NLP techniques, we should analyze the solutions and information we have achieved in the previous three levels. At this level, we need to examine that our created methods have negative or positive effects in the future. Will it make the things worse or better? After reviewing and analyzing all events, we select the method that has the least negative effect to solve the problem.

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