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How do the body and mind affect each other?

The Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP viewpoint about the body and mind is different and believe that the body is not only the carrier of the mind and they affect each other.
NLP believes that the body and mind are two integrated and interconnected systems, and it is impossible to assume one without another. A stream of information can be transferred between the body and mind at different levels and in succession.

The effect of the body and mind

The mind and body affect each other in such a way that always the information in mind is sent to the body and vice versa. We may experience them in the form of thoughts and feelings in one level, or in the other level, which is the physical level, we may experience the information through electrical shocks which are flow throughout the neurons, and the transmitting neurons pass them through synaptic spaces. When there is a relationship between the body and mind constantly, brain neurons can be seen even in the smallest human organs, and no boundaries are defined for these neurons.

Researches about these two topics

In many researches that the Chinese and Indians did about this, this relationship has been proven to them. Until 1960, Herbert Benson, the professor at Harvard Medical University, discovered that meditation and relaxation led to a decrease in blood pressure.

Herbert Benson

Further studies have shown that emotions can affect the body’s immune system and make the body powerful against infectious diseases, which can lead to curing and recovery, or vice versa, stress and fatigue can reduce body resistance against diseases.

In addition to these topics and physical illness, mental symptoms are also examined. For example, when you get cold, in addition to the physical pain you have because of the disease, you will also lose the daily mental efficiency that you had in the past. Other examples include physical states. When you put your chest forward and take a deep breath and a certain self-confidence is made inside you and always think about optimistic events and positive things. So we can change our feelings and thoughts by changing our physical state. If we act courageously, our minds will change, and we feel courageous.

How to use these two correctly

According to the fact that we have enough knowledge and information about this relationship, we can overcome our negative thoughts with these existing relationships. It’s done by meditation, biking, yoga, walking, or other enjoyable things. If these are not possible, we can use this relationship with a steady standing state (put your chest forward).

Studies over the past few years have shown that aerobic exercises increase intellectual concentration and increase new brain cells in an area of the brain that controls learning and memory. Something that was even impossible to think about it in the mid-1990s.

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