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The book “Polite Brain, Impolite Brain”

Polite Brain, Impolite Brain

Children and their world are always beautiful. After entering into the world of children, no one can ignore its simplicity and amiability and no one cannot enjoy its palatability. If you buy a book for your child as a parent, sometimes you show more enthusiasm than your child for reading and looking at that book.


The book named “Polite Brain, Impolite Brain” written by Mr. Farshid Pakzat is one of the most useful and most instructive books which has been published for children to get familiar and learn the strongest rules in the universe. This book with its sweet childish language presents some viewpoints and approaches about how the child is changed into an intelligent person. As well, this book help children how to go through this complex and troublesome world with more awareness and more power. Definitely, parents are eager likewise children to find a way to instruct them to be strong and intelligent outside an educational space like school.

In this book, it has been tried to set the contents together in such a way that to be both sweet for children and readable and enjoyable for parents