born in wealth

Some people born in wealth and some are in poverty

Usually this question is asked because of disappointment. Disappointment about the changing economic situations in life. Many people have this question in their minds. The reason for this question is that we think a person who is born in wealth is in prosperity and does not need to try for a little food from morning to night.
Instead of trying to find out why some people are born in wealth and some are born in poverty in the world, let’s find out the reason for creating this question. With our explanations, you understand that there is not a huge difference between those who are born in wealth and those who are born in poverty. If you are a bit patient and do not be angry by the previous sentence and read this article to the end, you will surely be convinced. So listen to our reasons.

The way to wealth is not block to anyone

If you are disappointed from becoming wealthy, and have bad idea about those who are drown in wealth in the world, I must tell you that you also have a chance to get rich. In fact, all people have this chance. One of the most important things for getting wealth is having financial intelligence which is created by training.
In addition, there is a way to get everything. When a plant can grow from a rocky clay and find its way to the sun, human beings can take what they want in all situations. They only need to know the way.

Ability to sustain wealth

Many people think that it’s just hard to achieve wealth, and they have no idea about the problems of keeping wealth. Just like the students who think if they become accepted in entrance exam, everything will be ok. But they do not know that passing the courses in university is harder than being accepted in entrance exam (of course, if someone wants to really study and progress)
Keeping wealth is like passing a university course. Anyone who achieves wealth, whether by his own efforts, or by the other ways like inheritance, must have the ability of financial management. Financial management is really hard it is hard for many people to do it. That’s why many people who were born in wealth cannot keep their wealth.

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sustain wealth

Wrong beliefs

When someone has a bad feeling about the others wealth, and complains about why they were born in wealth, it’s obvious that he does not see a chance for himself to achieve wealth. When we consider the way to succeed is deadlocked, we have a wrong belief. One who looks like this is not familiar with the laws of the universe. Anyone who looks at these people like this is not familiar with thanksgiving and the power of thanksgiving.
Karma law is one of the laws of the universe. This law tells that every message you send to the world, you will receive appropriate responds to that message. When you ask the question why some people are born in wealth in the world … means that you have a bad feeling about them. What do you think you get by sending this message to the world?
Thanksgiving has such a power that it is used to treat serious illnesses. So if we are familiar with the laws of the universe, we don’t allow our minds to wonder why some are drowned in wealth. We are thankful for the others good life.
The most important thing you need to achieve wealth is training. Anyone who learns financial intelligence and money and investment management correctly and has the necessary effort and perseverance, and can replace positive beliefs with negative beliefs, can surely achieve wealth and whatever he likes.

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