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Teaching how to break bad habits by using NLP techniques

Teaching how to break bad habits by using NLP techniques

Old habits die hard. even bad habits We all have heard this proverb. But NLP’s view is different. NLP believes that breaking the bad habits cause health. Let’s not forget that with NLP we can experience living successfully and differently, not living like the others.


Aristotle says, “We are the one who is constantly doing.” The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the term habit as: a behavior that is partially or completely involuntary.

To break the bad habit we need to know how habits are created!

To break the bad habit we need to know how habits are created!

We are born with our instincts and without any habit, and we get our habits over time. Your life is the product of your moment choices.

What do you do every morning after waking up? Check your mobile phone? Take a shower? Or brush your teeth?

It may seem that most of the things we do every day are made by our decisions and choices, but this is not true. They are habits, and even the smallest one, have a lot of effects on our health, our happiness, our work organization, and our functions.

An article was published in Mac University in 2006, which shows that most people do more than 40 percent of their daily works according to their habits.

The habit is a program and the normal behavior that is repeated regularly and sometimes occurs unconsciously. During the researches, it has been determined that habits are formed in 18 to 200 days and our behavior becomes automated.

 Change thinking, a way to break the bad habits

 Change thinking, a way to break the bad habits

What is thinking? How are our thoughts made? The created feelings from the previous experiences are generally a consistent way of thinking.

In the 1990s, scientists discovered that in the near-skull, there are tissue masses called basal ganglia, which play an important role in habits. Animals whose basal ganglia has been hurt may have problem in learning how to run through spirals and opening the food plates.

Please do not think about breaking good habits!

Please do not think about breaking good habits!

Habits enable us to use the least amount of our energy for daily works. Keep us healthy and help us react correctly in most cases.

When we get used to doing some things, we should not always think about doing them. As a result, we can get more creativity and richer thoughts. Our habits can be very useful, if they are good ones.

Successful people have a common feature which is having good habits. This does not mean that they do not have bad habits, but their good habits are more.

Successful people are not necessarily smart or genius. Their habits help them to have competence, consciousness, awareness and more skills.

Why do we always get used to new habits?

The researches on the mouse showed that in the determined spiral paths to reach the chocolate, when the mice encounter new sound, light, and movement, many activities take place in their brains. It seems that each time these new stimuli are analyzed, brain activity changes with more repetitions and a series of changes appear slowly. Finally, when they learned how to move in the spiral, their brain activity declined and they thought less and less every time.

Scientists say our habits are made due to the fact that the brain always searches for some ways to reduce the efforts and energy consumption. The brain determines when to take control of a habit and when to use it. This process in our brain is a 3-step cycle.

Understanding the habit cycle is necessary for breaking the  bad habits successfully

Understandingthe habit cycle is necessary for breaking the  bad habits successfully

The habit cycle begins with a cue (like a click’s sound). When that cue happens, a factor tells your brain that it’s in automatic mode and which habit should be used. If the mouse hears the click’s sound (cue), it knows that it should use a spiral habit. If it hears a new sound like the sound of a cat, it chooses a different pattern.

The next step is called routine. The routine can be physical, mental, or emotional. Routine is done after the cue.

The final step is reward. This step helps your brain figure out whether this cycle is worth to be memorize for the future or not.

The effect of habits in our lives

The effect of habits in our lives

Habits are not our destiny and can be ignored, changed or replaced.

Habits never disappear. They are encoded in our brain structures, which is a great advantage. The important thing is that your brain can not distinguish between good and bad habits. Without a cycle of habits, our brain is destroyed under the pressure of daily labor.

People whose basal ganglion are hurt or damaged are often mentally disabled and cannot do simple things, such as opening windows or deciding what to eat.

However, brain dependency to normal auto-work can be dangerous. Habits can be as harmful as their usefulness. All of these depend on whether your habit is good or bad?

Maybe we do not remember the experience that made a habit. But when they are stored in our brains, affect our function without knowing ourselves.

The important point is that we can get out of the habit cycle.

habit cycle

Apart from any experience and age, anyone can find bad habits that cause him to have bad feelings, bad thoughts, inappropriate influence on the body, and making a problem in reaching his goals. He can replace them with good habits or even can create good ones.

One of the fastest and most practical ways to create or replace good habits is effective NLP techniques. By knowing more and using the basal techniques, you can win faster and easier, like successful people.

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