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Can success bring happiness for humans?

You may have heard a lot saying that our happiness depends on the successes we are experiencing. This is due to our cultural thinking and our social education, which has grown like this. For example, we can feel happiness when we can be accepted in a good university or provide a great job for ourselves.

Happiness and success

How long are you happy when you reach a goal? Maybe one day or maybe one week? For example, your goal is to buy a car. How long do you feel happy when you buy a car? Most people do not feel happy for what they earn, and they quickly go to the next goal to experience a sense of happiness in the next position.
In other words, we are rarely happy for what we have achieved. We follow a goal and after getting the result we determine the next goal. The secret of happiness is not really about determining goals and achieving them. Happiness is a mental state that allows you to enjoy your every moment of life for what you bring and extend it by achieving your goals.
Success cannot bring you a long-term sense of happiness, but happiness can give you a sense of success. Having a positive feeling can force a person to do something that he doesn’t like to do. How can we make this sense of happiness in ourselves and achieve success?

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Have a better interpretation of the events of life

better interpretation

We have an interpretation in life for the bad or good happenings, and we explain each one in a specific way. Interpreting these happenings are effective in our lives and our sense of happiness. For example, a person who has invested in the past and suffered a lot of losses constantly blame himself for these losses. This will make him have the bad and negative feelings and it will be very difficult for him to experience positive feelings.


Strength is one factor for individual success. Everyone has strength that can succeed by using that. Knowing that the strengths are effective is not enough and you must use your strengths correctly. If you want to use them, you should ask others to know them and then use. Ask people who are familiar with you, what are the positive points in you, and will these positive points prevent you from failing?

Social skill

Social skills play an important part in creating a positive sense of happiness in life, you can have a sense of accomplishment in society and in dealing with people by using this skill. If you consider yourself an introverted person, you can hardly talk to people you do not know. Fortunately, if you practice more to increase your social skills, you can enhance a good sense of talking with others in yourself.

How do the happiness and success feelings affect?

Scientists’ research has proven that we have to experience happiness before achieving success. One of the reasons for this is that the positive emotions mentioned above make the brain work better in life. Ultimately, we have to have a positive view point to experience happiness before achieving success.