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children’s cursing: 12 principle ways for reacting correctly

children’s cursing: 12 principle ways for reacting correctly

There are always logical and effective ways for improving the children’s bad behavior. Cursing is also one of the children’s incorrect behaviors, and there are effective and logical ways to deal with them. In this article, 12 logical and effective ways are explained to deal with children’s cursing.


To correct any problem, we must first find the reasons for that problem. Then, to solve it, choose a suitable method to the cause of the problem. For this reason, in a separate article, we have spoken about the reasons for children’s cursing. To study about these reasons, you can read this article: “Learn 7 main reasons for children cursing ‘’

After discovering the reasons for your child’s cursing, you should choose a principled solution for solving this problem. Read this article to the end to find out 12 correct ways to solve your child’s cursing.

1- A change in parent’s behavior

1- A change in parent’s behavior

Parents are pattern for the children. Both in the type of behavior and in the type of speaking. So, in order to prevent the problem of child’s cursing, or to resolve this problem, parents should avoid this behavior at first. If you curse as a parent, do not expect your child not to do this.

Mutual respect between parents has a direct impact on the reduction of this behavior on the child. Parents should never use these words even as a joke. If parents use these words, the best thing is to apologize quickly. This behavior indirectly teaches the child that cursing is a mistake. In addition, the child learns to apologize for doing a wrong behavior.

2- A change in the environment

After the parents, the environment is the second effective factor in child cursing. In order to resolve this problem, the child’s environment and relationships should be controlled. Check your child’s friends and environment if your child curse. If your child’s friends or the people in his environment curse, you should change your child’s environment.

3- Controlling the media

3- Controlling the media

Your child learns from the cartoons, games and films he watches. Especially from the heroes. So, in order to prevent your child from cursing, you need to carefully select the cartoons and programs that you give him.

4- Being friend with the child

4- Being friend with the child

Parents should provide a situation for having more and better interaction with their child by strengthening their effective communication with the child and carefully choose the educational method. Parents should be aware that unnecessary and excessive hardships will increase the aggressive behavior of children. Anyone who moves toward aggression is much easier and quicker to use inappropriate words.

Parents should care about the emotional relationship with their child. Parents should not allow something destroy this relationship. Talk to your child in suitable time and listen to his words.

5- No attention to cursing

Keep calm when facing a child who is cursing. It’s true that his behavior makes you angry, but remember that your child follows your behavior. So if you treat him with anger, you have taught him this behavior. So keep calm in your first step.

Next, you shouldn’t pay attention to the child’s behavior. This behavior causes the child to feel that he gets no result from his bad behavior. He could not even make you angry. When your child feels that this behavior does not lead him to any result, it will get him away from cursing.

6- Never counteract

6- Never counteract

If you have to react to your child’s behavior for any reason, do not counteract. It does not mean to behave exactly like a child. If your baby is a little nervous, your nervousness is counteraction. If you answer to all his words or go into a long discussion and argument, you actually counteract with him.

When you do this with your child, you are actually aligned with him. That is, not only you did not stop him, but also encouraged him indirectly by your companion.

Therefore, when the child provokes your emotions with cursing, it’s better to keep calm instead of counteracting and then point out his bad habits with proper sentences. Do not attack his character in any way. Avoid long discussion and controversy with the child and remind him that by using these inappropriate and ugly words, he does not help solving the problem and only complicates it.

7- A peaceful home

7- A peaceful home

A child living in a house which is full of tensions has a tendency toward cursing. Keeping calm in the home and avoiding anxiety and decreasing tensions will make your child feel happier and beloved more. In this way, the depression is decreased and self-confidence is increased in him.  People who have more self-confidence are less likely to move toward aggressive behaviors.

8- Never laugh at bad behaviors

Sometimes people laugh at child cursing, especially at an early age. These laughs are positive rewards that strengthen the ability to curse in the child. If this happens, do not do this as a parent. Notify your child’s mistake. By doing this, try to destroy the rewards that others have given to your child’s aggression.

You can also reward your child to solve the problem of child cursing. Of course, consider this reward for when the child does not show bad behavior. For example, you can tell him: “I’m so glad you did not use the ugly words tonight in a party, so we’ll do a double game together.” Even according to the hours the child does not use these words in his talk, you can give him physical and emotional rewards.

9- Deprivation

9- Deprivation

Consider the appropriate deprivations for child’s bad behavior and cursing instead of ineffective punishment. For example, deprive him from doing his favorite activity, such as football, computer games and … or take his favorite tools like doll, tablet and cellphone.

The important point is that this deprivation should be done as soon as possible to be effective. For this you must keep moderation and determine it calmly in accordance with the child’s inappropriate behavior.

10- Training necessary skills

We should teach the child how to express his anger in a way that does not make the others upset. Learning the skill for expressing the anger correctly and controlling it helps the child to express his excitement with clear and appropriate phrases and prevent him to have tensions in his relationships with others.

We can teach the anger controlling and making effective communication skills in a way that the child likes, it means that we teach them joyfully and playfully to increase the amount of effectiveness.

11- Determining the rules

You can determine rules for home to avoid using ugly words. Determine rewards and punishments for cursing or not cursing. Of course, all family members should be committed to these rules.

12- Use the expert’s and counsellor’s idea

12- Use the expert’s and counselor’s idea

If this behavior is prolonged and the presented methods don’t have any effect, it is better for you to use the guidance of the counsellors for the child and adolescent. Because if cursing be accompanied by uncontrolled anger, the work of parents becomes harder and they have to refer to a psychologist. It is important to note that along with all the attention that parents have, these phrases and words may be unwittingly added to the range of child and adolescent’s vocabulary. The importance is awareness and know that he shouldn’t use them.

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