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feeling compassion and confabulation should be forbidden since today

feeling compassion

We do not want to say to be hardhearted but compassion and confabulation are the barriers to success. Many people think that compassion and confabulation are among the good features of good people. But that’s wrong. By reading this article, you will be convinced that feeling sympathy about the others and confabulating with them is wrong. Before saying why you shouldn’t feel compassion and confabulate with the others, we give you a clear, simple definition of each one, so that we all know exactly what we are talking about.


What do you mean by confabulation and compassion?

When we are talking about our problems in life, we are confabulating. It doesn’t matter if we talk to the others or talk to God. Still it doesn’t matter whether we talk in a bad mental condition or good mental condition. So any kind of talk about the problems of life, with anyone (even God) and in all conditions, is confabulation.
Every time we say: “oh, what a poor guy” we are probably feeling compassion. Of course, sometimes we are just saying these words and we do not even think about them at all. In this case, we do not really sympathize. We are trying to show that we feel sorry for that person. The real sympathy is when we think that we are doppelganger with that person.
The meaning of being doppelganger is that, even for a short moment, we imagine ourselves in that person’s condition and experience a similar feeling with him. In this situation saying oh what a poor guy is from the bottom of our heart. Because we realize his feelings and conditions.
Now that we have given a clear definition of compassion and confabulation. Let’s explain why we should avoid these behaviors. First, we will explain the disadvantages of compassion, then the disadvantages of confabulation and, at the end, we will introduce the alternative behavior for both.

Why shouldn’t we feel sorry for anyone?

We explained about compassion or sympathy. When you realize the other person’s feelings and conditions and have a similar feeling with him, you are feeling sorry for that person or sympathize with him. When you achieve this level of emotional connection (even for a short time), you will attract the negative frequencies of the other one to yourself.
The signs of attracting negative frequencies are changing your mood. The change in your mood can be so much that it even affects your face. When you attract the negative frequencies from someone, you are reflecting the same frequencies in the world. The result of this is that you are attracting the same conditions that you see in the other one’s life.
As a result, when you feel sorry for someone, two things happen. One is that by attracting the negative frequencies of that person, your mood are also affected. The other one is the same negative conditions are attracted to your life. Of course, we do not say that people should be hardhearted. We will introduce an alternative way for this behavior. So read this article to the end.

Why shouldn’t we confabulate with the others?

Confabulating is the vice versa of compassion. When you are confabulating with someone, your negative frequencies are transmitted to that person. So the first problem is that you are unknowingly make your bad life condition being transmitted to the life of someone you are confabulating with.
Maybe some people say when we confabulate, we feel we have calm. This is exactly the second disadvantage of confabulation. Of course, we do not mean the feeling you have. But we mean the event that happen when you have this feeling. When you feel you have calm with confabulating, you are getting off the negative frequencies from yourselves. In fact, you send these negative frequencies to the world. The world will give you back whatever you send to it.
So simply, when you’re confabulate with someone, you’re actually going to make the situation worse.

Checking the disadvantages of compassion and confabulation from another perspective

Suppose we do not believe in this part of the laws of the universe. Confabulation and compassion have their own disadvantages. Obviously, when we feel sorry for someone, we become sad. And this makes us release our mental pressure and do not look for a practical way to help the person. When we are sympathetic to someone, even if we do something for him, it’s for making our conscience calm.
When we confabulate with the others and talk about our problems with them, we are making them feel sad. In addition, we release our mental pressure and we don’t have much intention to solve the problems anymore.

What is the alternative way for compassion?

Instead of feeling sorry for someone, we need to find a solution for their problems. Before we feel overwhelmed with our feelings and use the words such as oh what a poor person, we must try to find a solution for their problems. Most of the charities, like Mahak Charity, are made by the same kind of look into the universe.
Most of these charity founders could sit down and cry instead of doing useful activities. So, temporarily, they can make their hearts feel good.

What is the alternative way for confabulating?

Usually, when we feel a lot of pressures on ourselves, we confabulate with the others. In this way, we release the mental pressure of the problem and will not do anything to solve the problem. In fact, on the one hand, this mental pressure is annoying, and on the other hand it can force us to solve our problem.
So the solution is to release this mental pressure indirectly. We can do this by doing exciting things. For example, we can go to amusement park to ride on exciting machines. Another way is laughing. Laughing can make us ward off the negative pressures from ourselves.
After we ward off the negative mental pressures, we can think about our problems with our free minds and find solutions for them. Therefore, please stop having these two behaviors since today that is sympathizing or feeling sorry for others and confabulating with them. So that you can also experience a better life and you can also be more helpful to others.