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How to know our own criteria in life to feel happiness?

criteria in life

What makes you satisfy or dissatisfy from life? Everyone has a series of criteria in life. We feel more satisfy if our life be closer to this criteria. With this article, we are going to help you to understand your criteria and standards of your life better so you can be more satisfy in life.


How are the criteria made in our life?

Beliefs are one of the things that direct each human’s life. So beliefs have a great effect on our lives. Beliefs are made in our lives by many different ways.
Each belief creates a value or values for people. For example, believing that humanism is good makes us help patients or help the unsupported families and consider this as a valuable activity. The criteria, in fact, determine the roots of our values. By knowing the roots of our values, we can live more purposefully and peacefully.

How to identify our values’ criteria?

In order to be able to identify your criteria, you can ask yourself why you are interested in a value and answer these questions honestly. For example, ask yourself why you feel that you should help a patient who doesn’t have enough money for the treatment? There are various answers to this question.
For example: If I do not help, I feel I have moral guilty. If this is your honest answer, it shows that your criterion for helping others is to make yourself calm. The answer might be this: to find the best place among the people by helping the patients. This answer shows that the other people’s admiring is your main criterion.

values criteria

Of course, we may not really know our main criteria. So we need to think about ourselves and why we’re becoming happy when we achieve our values. Then, if we are honest with ourselves, we can identify our real criteria. Identifying real criteria, as we said, can help us move faster and easier on our way to achieve our values.
For example, if our main criterion for helping others is to be admired by the people around, we can do the other activities to be calm and be appreciated more, better and faster by the others and become satisfy soon.

Steps and difficulties to achieve a sense of happiness

After identifying the criterion, in order to achieve happiness and satisfaction in life, we have to go through a series of steps and, of course, we might have some problems in this way. In the following, we explain these steps and problems to you.

۱- Hierarchy

You may think that hierarchy means the priority of the criteria. But it is not. The term “hierarchy” means the sequence of the criteria. I will explain for you with an example. For example, enjoy eating delicious foods may be an important criterion for you. But if we move a lot in the way to this pleasure, we’ll probably get fat.
It means obesity after enjoying delicious food. Therefore, we should be aware of what the outcome is to meet a criterion. Because it may threaten other standards and values.

۲- Prioritize

When we look at the hierarchy of our criteria, we can prioritize them. We can decide easier by prioritizing. Because we know that this value have a higher priority for us for this criteria. For example, being with your family is a value for you. On the other hand, working is another value for you. Now, check what the real criterion of these values are.
For example, being with your family is important for you to bring happiness to your family. Working is important because you do not have a good financial situation and you need to work harder to earn more money and bring happiness for yourself and your family.


When you come to this analysis, you can balance easier between working more and being with your family. Because you know, the main criterion is the happiness of the family. So you work in a way that do not destroy your family’s happiness, or if you have to not to be with your family to save your job, talk to your family to understand the conditions and do not destroy your family happiness.

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The clarity of criteria -3

Sometimes people think they know their own criteria. But if they are asked a little about these criteria, then we realize that they themselves do not have the exact definition of what they want. So, in order to identify our criteria well and clearly, we need to look at their components. We have to break our criteria to get its truth. This way, it’s easier for us to find the way to achieve them.

۴- The main identity of the criteria

We mentioned before. Sometimes we think that we identify our main criterion, but our main criterion is something that we may not be aware of. Helping the others is an example. We may think that helping the others is the main criterion for us, but being appreciated by the people around may be the main criterion.
Many of us are always confused and lost in our lives because we do not achieve the original identity of our criteria.

۵- Confliction in the criteria

Many of us have many conflictions in our lives, and they annoy us. The reason for these conflictions is the existence of confliction in our criteria. Suppose, for example, that fun and happiness is a value in your life. Playing computer games is one of the criteria that makes you achieve this value. On the other hand, you have to work to make money to have fun and be happy.

Play game

In this example, we face with a confliction. Because our criterion for achieving fun and happiness is playing and working which are in opposition with each other. In this example, in order to avoid this confliction, we must prioritize our criterion, or search for a solution that our criterion do not be in opposition with each other and be in one direction. For example, find a job that is relevant to playing. Find a way to make money from playing!

As we said, if we can accurately and honestly identify the criteria in life, we can have a happier and more relaxed life.