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How to cure laziness by using NLP techniques?

How to cure laziness by using NLP techniques?

Are you one of those people who, for example, want to start exercising from today, but they delay doing this because of laziness? If you are looking for a remedy for laziness, read this article.


If you are lazy,you have to know that you won’t do something unimportant to you. So, in orderto solve your problem of laziness, you need to make the things important foryou. We will explain how to do it in the following.

How to makethe things important for ourselves?

How to make the things important for ourselves?

Take a lookat your mind, there are so many important things you cannot put them aside.Someone in front of me claims that when he wakes up in the morning, he has nodefinite program unless taking a shower and shaving. That person considerstaking a shower and shaving as part of his normal activities, and if he doesnot do them, he feels that something is wrong. The more he does this, the morehe feels he has done the right thing.

This is agood behavior pattern for leaving laziness. This is called leading system inNLP. The leading system, of course, has more details, as we will explain below

Leadingsystem for treating the laziness

Leading system for treating the laziness

The purposeof the leading system is that the more you don’t do something, the moredispleased you are. In the opposite, the more you do it, the more pleased youare. To treat laziness, you need to make a leading system for yourself. Aleading system means connecting strong emotions together when we don’t do aparticular job.

If yoursport equipment is in the parking, the feeling of having exercise should bewith you at the moment you think about it up to the moment you are at theparking and use your sport equipment. The closer you get to the equipment, thebetter you feel. You will have a better feeling when you exercise more. Themore you avoid doing exercises, the worse feeling you have.

This way youcan control your emotions. You can change your feelings about different things.If you are successful by controlling the emotions in this way, instead of justthinking of something, doing it will become a wish for you. As a result, youcan motivate yourself to do that.

How tomotivate ourselves?

How to motivate ourselves?

Motivationis an internal factor. So it’s you who can motivate yourself. Do not wait forexternal factors that motivate you. For sports, for example, there is reallynothing between you and sports exercises. If you start exercising, nobody willstop you. Most of the people’s problems in the world don’t have externalfactors. It does not mean that there is no external factor that makes the thingsharder, but most problems come from inside us.

So use thefollowing NLP techniques for making an internal motivation.

Choose theappropriate words for speaking to yourself

Choose the appropriate words for speaking to yourself

An importantstep is to change the words you use about yourself. When you think or speakabout doing something, change the words you use. Words are powerful motives foryour behavior depending on which word is the motive for you at that moment, andwith which sentence you are more willing to do it. For example I need…, Ihave to…, or it’s better for you to…

For example,when you are lazy, you can think: “I know, I never do what I want to do,but I must do because I need to do it.” When you find out which words arebetter for you, you can consciously start using them.

Adjust yourinner voice and tone

Adjust your inner voice and tone

You need tobe aware of the tone and rhythm of your inner voice. See which tone and voiceis a better inspiration and motivation for you? As your voice affect theothers, it also affect yourself. Talking with the appropriate tone and voicecan reduce the other’s disagreement and resistance to you. Choosing theappropriate tone and voice has the same effect on you.

Supposethere is a problem within yourself. It does not matter it is walking orexercising or quit smoking or anything else. To win this battle, you have to overcomeit in your mind to do it easier.

Payattention to your inside for treating laziness

Pay attention to your inside for treating laziness

You must payattention to your inside for leaving laziness. You need to work on your own ina way that the more you think about the subject or the job, the more you areinterested in doing it. For example, you should think about doing sportingexercises in a way that you will be more pleasure by doing more exercises. Whenyou really start exercising, it really makes it easier for you to do it.

If you usethis pattern for making powerful wishes in all the activities, the more you getcloser to that activity, the more powerful your emotions will be. The more you don’tdo this, the worse you feel. These two feelings make you move back to do itagain. You must push yourself to the right direction with the help of thesetechniques.

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