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Which one of our demands does the world answer?

Why do most people never reach their demands? One of the reasons is that they don’t know what they want and don’t know how they should want. In this article we express the importance of the demands and different kinds of them. If you want to be rich, read this article.

Why cannot most people become wealthy?

Why cannot most people become wealthy?

Many poor people, despite having a wish for being wealthy, have many reasons for not being wealthy inside. Many of them afraid of the difficulties of the way for reaching wealth. Many of these people are afraid of the ups and downs of the way. In fact, they like to become wealthy, but they themselves find it difficult to become wealthy.

In practice, these people have a kind of conflict with themselves. The message that these people send to themselves and the others is a desire for wealth. But the message sent to the universe is not going to be rich. As a result, the answer received from the universe is proportional to the message we sent to it.

It’s true that you always get what you want. But this is true if the things you say don’t be in contrast with what you want unconsciously. There are two reasons for not getting the wealth you want and talk about. First, your desire does not happen at the unconscious level. Second, you do not have the will to do things that make you rich. To overcome these two reasons, you need to get to know three levels of desire.

۳ levels of demands you need to know for getting to your wishes

3 levels of demands you need to know for getting to your wishes

As mentioned, for the world respond to your wishes, you need to know three levels of desires. Most people who do not reach their own wishes will only remain at the first level. But to get our answer from the world, we need to reach the third level of the demands. These are 3 levels of desire:

– ۱st level is that you say I want to be rich. In other words: If the money falls from the sky to my skirt, I will take it. If your wanting be like this, you will not be able to get anything. Because wealth does not come with desire alone. There are billions of people who want to be wealthy, but very few become successful.

– ۲nd level of desire is: I prefer to be wealthy. This requires a decision to become wealthy. Election has a more powerful energy and is being turned up to create the reality.

– ۳rd level of desire is: I am committed to become wealthy. Commitment means dedicating yourself to a matter. In other words, without giving up, dedicate whatever you reach for becoming wealthy. That is, do everything you need in this way for making money. This is called soldiers method. That is, any excuse is not accepted for getting the goal, and there shouldn’t be any word like ‘’if’’ ‘’but’’ and no failure.

Use the soldier’s way to become wealthy

Use the soldier's way to become wealthy

The soldier’s way is simple; being wealthy is closed to my soul; I am committed to being wealthy. Try to say this to yourself: I’m committed to being wealthy. What do you achieve by repeating this sentence? Feeling power and liberty, or feeling fear and stress?

Most people never commit themselves to become wealthy. Precisely because people do not really commit themselves to being wealthy. They are not wealthy and will probably never be.

To clarify the subject, we explain the exact meaning of the commitment. The definition of commitment is dedicating yourself to your target. Becoming wealthy needs to have concentration, courageous, knowledge, expertise, effort, a vision which is contrary to motionless, of course, it needs a mind which is adjusted with money.  You must also believe with the bottom of your heart that you can create wealth and deserve it.

If you are not completely committed to creating wealth, you will not have the chance to get it.

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