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Reduce the negative effects of watching animation on children

negative effects of watching animation

Animation has both positive and negative effects on children. In this article we try to explain the negative effects of animation on children and how to reduce the negative effects of animation on our children. There are two points about watching cartoons and animations. One is the time to watch and the other one is the cartoon or animation content. We will explain about both of them in the following.
What do the scientific surveys say about the length of the time for watching cartoon or animation?
To study the effects of the length of the time for watching cartoon and animation, 500 pre-school children were investigated. The results of the study showed that watching TV for more than 1 to 2 hours and having a TV in the bedroom would cause the children have sleep disorder. This disorder in sleeping makes some problems for the child, including: physical illness, lack of concentration, and learning difficulty.
A scientific survey was also conducted on more than 2,000 students between the second and eighth grades. The survey shows that as the hours of watching television or animation are more, the numbers of emotional and nervous disorders such as anger, fear, and stress increase in children.
The reason for this is that the children’s relation with television is different with parents or even teenagers. Children are in the learning period. This makes them influenced by television programs more than adults. So, if we care about the health of our children, we need to control the hours of watching cartoons or animations by our children.


What is the effect of the cartoon or animation’s content on our children?

Studies show that the more violence in cartoons affect the children’s behavior more and make them be more aggressive. Many years ago, animations were different from today. We see more violent scenes in today’s animations. Animations like Ben 10, Spider Man, Batman and…

animation watching

These cartoons have a great effect on children. Especially the hero of the story usually uses violence to do the things. When these heroes are popular for kids, their behavior becomes a pattern for the kids. This also makes the children imitate the violence of these heroes.

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But how to control watching the cartoons? What can we do to make our children not to watch all the cartoons? We will explain the correct way to control the children watching animation.

How to control watching animation?

In general, there are two ways to control the children watching cartoons or animations. One way is behaving harshly and the other way is explaining. Maybe it’s easier for us to get the result by having a harsh behavior. But the truth is that the result we get is not what we imagine.
We are trying to eliminate the negative effects of an animation on our children, but our behavior has negative effects on them. In addition, when we prevent our child from watching a cartoon or animation with a harshness and constraint behavior, we make him more interested to see that animation.
But the second way, explaining, has a positive and, of course, longer-lasting effect on children. It may need more energy and time, but this is a positive way of training, so there’s no need to behave harshly the next time. In the following, we explain 3 positive training methods for controlling watching animation.

۱۰۰% Control is not possible

Before anything else, you should know that 100% control is not possible. However, our child will be faced with inappropriate or violent behaviors. Through the cartoons and animations or other television programs and even in the community. So try not to be so sensitive in this case. The only thing we need to do is controlling the things, managing coolly and wisely, and we should try to make our children aware instead of protecting them.

۲- Accompany the children

We should try to watch cartoons with our children. When we are watching TV or cartoons with our children, we can decrease the negative effects of the animation with our behavior. For example, if the hero of the cartoon started smoking, we can affect our child’s mind by showing our negative feelings.

Of course, these emotions or words that we are talking about should not be direct to our children. It should be in response to the action of the animation hero. Be sure that it will affect our child’s mind indirectly. Additionally, when we watch animations with our children, we can more easily control the duration of the animation.

control watching animation

Of course, these emotions or words that we are talking about should not be a direct warning to our children. It should be in response to the action of the animation hero. Be sure to do this indirectly in the mind of our child. Additionally, when we watch animations with our children, we can more easily control the length of the time for watching the animation.

۳- Have a Plan

If you know that your child is afraid of a cartoon character, plan in a way that he cannot watch that animation. If you do not know anything about the content of the cartoon, try to see that cartoon once before your child and make sure that its content is good.
When we watch the cartoon before our child, we can have a better planning for the length of the time for watching cartoons. That is, we can give our child the right number of cartoons during the day or week. At first, our child may resist against the plan we have set. But if we keep our words, he will coordinate himself with our plan after a short time.
Finally, we remind you that anyway, we cannot prevent our child from being confronted with the world’s worst forms of violence and misbehavior. But we can give awareness with the right behavior to our child and protect them with this awareness.