Fear in children

Fear in children and the ways to make the fears in them

Fear in children or having a phobia about a problem in children from 1 to 6 years old can be normal, and it’s because of having no experience about doing something. But your child may have a more serious problem and his fears make the parents worry.
If these fears are not solved, he may have these fears in his adulthood or hurt himself because of that fear. Some parents do not know what kind of behavior is appropriate for their child’s fears, and sometimes some parents don’t eliminate the child’s fears, but they increase it with their unhealthy and misleading behaviors. For example, their children are afraid of pets like cats and dogs, and they try to face their child directly with that fear.

The reasons for the children’s fear in different ages

Saying why children are afraid only depends on the child’s environmental and social conditions, but they may have different types of fears in different ages.

Children from 8 to 9 months

When your child is 8 to 9 months old, meaning that he can recognize the strangers and familiar faces, if he is afraid of facing with other people, it’s because that his mind considers that person as stranger and his reaction to this is crying.

Children from 10 months to 2 years old

With parent’s recognition, separating children from the parents at this age makes them fearful. Many people think that it is the child’s dependency to the parents.

children and fear

Children from 2 to 4 years old

At this age, children are often afraid of the fear that the others give them. For example, someone defined a horrible story about a monster for him. This monster causes the child to be frightened while sleeping, playing, and so on. This kind of fear will be with him as long as his intellectual power grows.

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Should you be worry about fears?

This is a question that knowing its answer is very important. It has been mentioned above that children in different ages experience different fears that, if their intensity does not increase and be under the control, there will be no problem. But sometimes your child’s fear is unusual. For example, your 4 year old child may have a sense of fear that has experienced when he was 8 months old. This is a bit unusual.

Eliminating fear in children

It’s better not to hurry for treating unusual fears. Parents can play a big role in treating fears in children.

Feeling secure

Give the children the feeling that you are with them to make them realize that you are protecting them. Try not to tag children like “being coward” or saying “you are not a child anymore’’

Facing with fears

If your child is afraid of a monster in his mind, check the closet or under the bed to prove there is nothing to fear. Of course, this may be effective for the short term.


If for any reason your work at home has not had an outcome, refer to the children’s psychologist. But it does not mean that parents do not have any responsibility in treatment and can ignore the issue.
Children’s fears may decrease when they become older, but as we mentioned, some fears may be unusual. What do you do to reduce the child’s fear?

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