How does flexibility help us change the situation?

All of us may be familiar with the word of flexibility. Perhaps this feature will be seen more in the professional athletes’ body who have fitness form and they say they have a flexible body. But flexibility in life is also possible and changes the situation.

When we reach the high flexibility, we can change the situations that occur in our lives to our favor. But first, we should have a complete and comprehensive definition of flexibility.

What is flexibility?

It is the feature of individuals who have the ability to adapt themselves to the environment. People who have this feature know how to remove themselves from hard and high-pressure environments and choose a related behavior or activity to their condition.

Flexible people’s features

When you are able to respond the environment appropriately, you will naturally get better results, and this will require breaking the intellectual, behavioral and emotional frameworks, which is important in this feature. Flexible people have lower internal and external bias than others, and logic is the main pillar of this group. This group tends to identify new ideas and use them to succeed.

flexible in life

Behavioral flexibility allows us to adjust our behavior according to the existing conditions, based on similar experiences in the past (not necessarily exactly the same). Psychologists believe that flexible people are healthier than others, and the growth and development in their lives will be more than the other people.

It is easy to recognize the people who are not flexible. These people may go through a special way which they are accustomed to and are hardly willing to change their way, these people choose a more limited area for activity and show more stability in their activity field. Usually new changes are not happened for them or they have difficulty or discomfort as long as they are accustomed to these new changes.

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How to be flexible in life

You can be flexible in life, when you learn how to change yourself according to the time and situations. If you feel that you do not have your needed flexibility, you have to know that your reactions have become addicted to repeat a particular behavioral pattern. NLP believes that all people can use their flexibility in every situations and it is adventitious. Some people think that flexibility means accepting their situations, but NLP says that we must manage the situation in a way that we consider to be, and use that situation effectively. What are the important things for using the conditions better?

  • Increase your awareness
  • Use of changing the place for your own jobs
  • Use a new method that you have not tried before to solve the issue
  • Instead of concentrating on a specific way and method, concentrate more on your own goal to find other ways.

Having flexibility makes you become familiar with the conditions and progress in that environment. Imagine a person who has just migrated and he is so strange in the new environment. But first, he tries to change the environment according to the conditions. When we talk about flexibility, we mean changing the situation in a way that is useful to us.

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