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Forget the names forgetting by NLP techniques

Forget the names forgetting by NLP techniques

Forgetting names is one of the problems that all of us have it. But we can solve this problem by NLP techniques.


How do you feel if you meet someone and he calls your name, while you cannot remember his name? Or did it happen that you not remember the name of a famous actor while watching a movie? If you had the ability to retain the name of a person you first meet for a long time in your mind, this would not only excite yourself and the people but also prevent future embarrassment.

Is there a specific reason for forgetting names? Is there a scientific and practical way to solve this problem? Farshid Pakzat Research Group teaches a technique of NLP in this article to solve the problem of forgetting names forever.

Preventing from forgetting names with this scientific and practical method

Preventing from forgetting names with this scientific and practical method

It will be instructed you some techniques for preventing from forgetting names that you can remember 70 names in less than 30 minutes by using them.

Tim Hallbom is NLP instructor, writer and therapist. He gained good results by instructing this new method in NLP. At the beginning of each course, he asks students to introduce themselves. Then, each of them try to remember the others names and repeat them. This reminder happens in a short time, and the best is that they can remember names in a long term.

Tim and others, such as Suzi Smith, were able to develop this method by studying the processes of remembering people who did well. Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32th president of the United States, was one of the people who was studied. Because he remembered the names well and his employees were always surprised by this. When asked him how he was doing this, he said he could see the names of people on their foreheads!

In this method, individuals remember some information about the names through 3 channels of visual, auditory and kinesthetic. To learn more about preferred channels, read this article: “What is the preferred channel and how can reach the effective relation by using it?

Tim Hallbom says, a few recent years research shows that the internal conversations are put in a similar nerve area, such as external sounds received by the ear. People forget the names because they are involved in their internal conversations, for example, about what they want to say later!

۳ step for performing this technique

3 step for performing this technique

The first way for preventing from forgetting names is using the audio channel. In this way focus on external sounds more than internal conversations while listening to people. Then repeat the name of the person as you look at him 3 times. So you use your audio channel to remember the name of the person you are looking for.

For getting help from visual channel, imagine the peoples name on their foreheads. You can see their name with your favorite color. Do this while repeating the name for yourself. As a result, you can use the audio and visual channels to remember the name of that person.

The third is the kinesthetic channel. You can make it as a code. That is, when you want to remember the name, you can move your finger very smoothly like when you write it. This action will make this code remain in the deep layers of your mind and be forgotten later.

If you can use this process for anyone you meet, you will soon be doing it for everyone. This strategy can be used for a large number of people whom you visit for the first time.

The method used by Tim to remind the names of large groups is called Chunking, which means division. Many people remember the information by dividing them into smaller ones, just like memorizing phone numbers. Tim divides the large groups into groups of 5 when facing them. You have to practice the skill in this method for improving it. If you practice and repeat this method really, you will remember the people’s names amazing.

Other ways for preventing from forgetting names

Other ways for preventing from forgetting names

In the following, creative ways for preventing from forgetting the names will be explained. In all these cases, it attempts to create an external model for people’s names, which is a mental concept by creative methods. In this way, your mind connects the name with an external reality. So you can remind the names better.

Make a picture from the people’s name

Another method is to listen fully when someone introduces himself. Then make a clear picture from his name and link it to something or someone you have in your mind and create a communication circle. It’s better for this picture to be funny and ridiculous.

If you face a person whose name is similar to another name in your mind, you can imagine that person has two heads and the second is a person with the same name. The next time you see that person, you know him very quickly and remember his name.

Another way is to create a clear and funny picture of his name. For example, if his name is Jamshid, you can imagine his head in the top of the pillars of Perspolis. Or, if someone’s name is a cantaloupe, you can find a similarity between him and the cantaloupe. That way, you certainly will not forget his name. Of course, we should not use these imaginations to ridicule people.

Make links between people's faces and their names

Create a creative relationship between his face and his name to remember the name of the person. Tell yourself ‘’I met Tom’’. The word Tom, remind us Tom Cat in Tom and Jerry cartoon. Imagine that Tom’s appearance is like a cat. If you meet Tom again, remember Tom Cat. (Hope you remember someone named Tom too.)

Foer believes that by using hint technique and simulation, the possibility to remember a farmer is more than remember a person whose last name is farmer. Because you see the farmer’s work but you only hear the last name of the other one (without any external instance for his name). Foer believes that the art of remembering everything completely in daily life is related to preparing the methods of meaningfulness and visualization in mind.


If possible, find out the name of the person before the appointment. In a study conducted in 2011, it became clear that if we were aware of their names before meeting strangers, we would have a remarkable performance in remembering their names.

Dr. Susan Cross, a professor of psychology at the University of Massachusetts, believes that knowing the names of the persons before the meeting is a good way for remembering their face. Because in this way you first reach a mental concept (the name of the person), then start to search for the external model for that mental concept (the person himself)

Look at the eyes

Look at the eyes

You will definitely look at the eyes of the person you met for the first time, but do you really pay attention to his eyes? According to studies conducted in 2007, researchers looked at the eye movements of several volunteer participants when looking at new faces. The result of this study showed that those who are more likely to look and gaze at the strangers’ eyes (rather than looking at other parts of the face) remember their names better.

Focus, focus, focus

Focus, focus, focus

Imagine yourself in this situation. You are introduced to an important person in a big party. All your focus is to keep his face in your mind. Shake hands with others while trying to wave your hands for your friend standing at the end of the room. You look at a gentleman in the corner of the room, and ask the waiter to fill the beverage mug!

If you’re like most people, you probably forget the names. As a result, as soon as a person goes away from your eyes, you forget his name. If you do not concentrate, your mind will not be able to store, encode and memorize your memory. Consequently, if you need the information, you will not have access to it. Because they were not completely stored there from the beginning.

To avoid this, focus on handshakes and greetings next time. By doing this, you give your memory a chance of storing and forming the memories better, so it is more possible for you to access to it.

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