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How to keep your mind positive?

Having a positive mind and keeping it away from negative events is something that you need to do to succeed. So what should you do if you have a negative mind and want to keep it positive for what’s happening in the future? In the following, we’ll explain some points to do this.

Matthew Laporta, an advisor and psychologist in the field of success, says:

Most people tend to shift their minds to failures, and this habituates their mind to it.

If we are logical in facing with the probable problems can be natural, but if we think that because we have the problem we are in the end of the world, it shows that we have negative mindsets. How to increase our motivation and chance to success by increasing our concentration on positive mind and decreasing its negative effects?


It may be strange for you, but repeating negative events in your mind makes you a negative person, and vice versa, repeating and building positive events will make you a positive person. That we are constantly nagging and complaining about everything cannot make everything right and we will eliminate our positive subjective beliefs. Several thousand thoughts pass through our minds every day, and we are the ones who choose these thoughts. Surely, by repeating negative thoughts in our minds, we will have negative thoughts, similar to our own past mentality.
Everything we think about will be put in our unconscious mind if it is repeated, and since most humans’ decisions (repeatedly rather than once) are taken at the unconscious mind, and because negative thoughts are there, we will never succeed or our decisions keep us away from success.

Repetition mind positive

Creative visualization and positive mind

This can be a practical exercise to turn your negative mind into a positive mind. Suppose something is happening to you, it is a reminded of negative thoughts in your mind. You can use the creative visualization power to turn it into a positive mind. For this, you should close your eyes and visualize the negative ones for yourself. After a few seconds, open your eyes and close your eyes again, and then visualize the positive points of that mentality. The purpose of this is to put positive thoughts in unconscious mind.

Change the wrong beliefs

Most of the decisions we make come from our beliefs. Once and for all, you must fight your own wrong beliefs. For example, you have believed that you have to work for a long time to achieve business success, and spend less time for your family. How much this matter can be right or wrong is completely separate, but this belief can be an important factor for you not to try to achieve your career success.
One of the biggest differences between successful people and others is their type of mentality and thinking. If you want to be like these people, what do you think is the best way to change your attitude?

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