effective communication

The importance of having an effective communication

Have understanding in life is one of the important points in communication. The feeling of understanding in life occurs when people understand and interact each other well. Passing the time and having an effective communication make it possible for you to have understanding with the others.

People who have an effective communication with each other are interacting in different ways. The sense of having understanding with each other means cooperating with each other. Like sports groups that work like a team and are in harmony very much. An emotional or friendly relationship is based on three principles of mutual care, mutual understanding and trust.
Understanding usually occurs when the interests of two people are in the same direction. But the real understanding creates when the two sides understand each other and respect each other’s ideas, even if they have different ideas.
Understanding is an involuntary and instinctive issue that many people do not pay much attention to it, like breathing. Although this is involuntary, but it is so efficient in communications.

Make effective communication between two people

On business issues, when people are in an effective communication, progress is certain and very easy to happen. Because you share your ideas with the others, discuss about your interests and finally come to a conclusion.

The ways to have understanding the others


Having the skill to have a good listening is one of the important factors in having good relationships with the others. You may say that you are a good listener, but as long as you cannot understand the others’ words and process it in your mind, you will not be a good listener. In conversation with the other person, try to be careful about his words and the speed of his voice.

good listening


The meaning of coordination is that people share the responsibilities and problems that they may have, and do not shrink their responsibility. Mutual respect is the most important principle for understanding each other.

How to deal with problems

You may have some problems to achieve effective communication. The important thing is the others’ behavior while dealing with these problems. The best way to deal with problems is recognizing at first and then providing practical solutions from both sides to solve it. It is very important that solving the problem must be after recognizing.

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