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How are our beliefs made according to NLP?

Our lives are influenced by our beliefs. So it’s important to know how these beliefs are made. In this article, we examine how the beliefs are formed according to NLP perspective.

What are the effects of the beliefs on our lives?

Our beliefs are at the center of our decisions. In fact, our interpretation of daily events and issues is influenced by our beliefs. Beliefs make us feel confident about an issue. When we do not believe in something, we talk about it doubtfully. But our beliefs, even if they are false, make us feel confident.
Now, we should examine how these beliefs are made in us

How are these beliefs made in us?

Everyone has reference frameworks in his mind. The reference frameworks are the rules, correctness and mistakes and assumptions that have been proven to be true to the individual, and there is no need to discuss about it to prove its truth.

beliefs made

In general, reading, hearing and experiencing something can create reference frameworks. In 6 statues, the information that enters into the brain is highly effective and can provide reference frameworks. We will examine these six statues.

1- Severe emotions

When the brain is in a state of extreme emotion such as suffering or extreme pleasure, there is the possibility of forming reference frameworks and beliefs in us. In this case, what happens to us can turn into a reference framework and make our beliefs.

2- Dealing with a specific phenomenon

When the brain face with a specific phenomenon. Facing a specific phenomenon can create a reference framework. As a result, one of the factors for making our beliefs is facing with specific phenomenon.

3- Continuity and stability

Continuity and stability is another factor that makes beliefs. When one thing is repeated over and over again, the brain adopts it as a reference framework, and thus our beliefs are formed.

4- Social patterns

Usually in every community people imitate the others. For example, someone who never cares about the red light for a pedestrian, if several others stop at the red light for a pedestrian, that person may stop at the red light in this situation. Therefore, social patterns are another factor in the formation of beliefs.

5- Love

Love walk

Loving one person makes us concentrate on his behavior and speech. In this case, our brain attention to his speech and behavior will be greatly increased, so our interested person’s behaviors turn into our reference framework. Of course, the beliefs that are made in this way can quickly be eliminated. As a result, we need to be careful, our beliefs should not be made in such conditions.

6- Reciprocity

The fact is that the others behave with us in a way that we behave with them. This can make our mental frameworks and our beliefs. Suppose that a person has grown up in a family that they had an angry behavior with her for her mistakes. This kind of behavior would become her reference framework. That is, this person thinks that she has the right to behave angrily with the others.
I hope you to be careful about forming your beliefs. Because our successes and failures are connected with them.
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