Have you ever seen the people who don’t have enough money at the end of the month? Their problem is not having less income, it is having less money management. In this article, you’ll learn why money management is more important than your in come for becoming rich.

Is our income less? Or do we have problem in money management?

Is our income less? Or do we have problem in money management?

The problem of not having enough money at the end of the month was mentioned as an example for a weakness in money management. If you think about this example, you should remember that some of your friends and families with different incomes do not have enough money at the end of the month. So, as noted, this problem is not related to the amount of income. It is related to the money management.

Of course you see wealthy families that when the wealth transferred to the child’s family, after a while all the wealth would be disappeared. In these cases, people say that he destroys the wealth of the family. Yes, weakness in financial management can even destroy a lot of wealth. Usually people who achieve wealth and stay wealthy will manage their money well and poor people cannot manage their money.

Thomas Stanley, by searching about American’s rich people, realized that they are skilled in managing their money, they can do it well. The wealthy are not basically smarter than the poor, they only know how to manage their money.

Some people learn this skill in their childhood, but if you do not know how to manage your money, your mental planning in childhood was not correct, and you didn’t have the opportunity to learn it until now. It’s better for you to know that the biggest difference between being successful and not being successful is: how do you manage your money? Of course, many people run away from money management.

Why don’t many people like to manage money?

Many people do not like to manage their money at all. They even clearly express it. What is their reason to run away from money management?

Freedom will be limited

Freedom will be limited

In response to the friends who think that money management limits their freedom, it must be said:” my dear friend it is completely the opposite.” It means that money management never limits your freedom and make you freer. Of course, this freedom does not mean spending more money.

When you manage your money, you gain financial independence. This financial independence brings you to a situation that you don’t need to work anymore for earning money. Which one do you prefer now? Do you prefer to run away from money management or work to make money? Or to learn money management and achieve a level of financial independency that you don’t need to work anymore for earning money? Anyway, it’s your choice.

Having not enough money for money management

Having not enough money for money management

If we ask some people, why don’t you manage your money? Their answer is: “How much money do we have to manage it?” You need to have enough money to manage it. “Is this idea really true?

In response to these friends, you should say:” get the wrong end of the stick.” It means that firstly you have to manage your money correctly (even very little) to achieve more money. In fact, money management is the way to achieve a lot of money. But you think the opposite. You expect to get a lot of money at first and then manage it. Even if you get a lot of money, but you do not know how to manage, you can easily lose all of it.

When we say: “First I have to get a lot of money, then manage it” is like saying: “As soon as I lose weight, I start exercising and taking a diet.” Naturally, with such an idea, you will never be able to lose weight. Likewise, you never get a lot of money to manage it. In fact, with this way of thinking, you will never get rich.

The law of the world is as follows: First, show you can keep whatever you have, then you can get more. Managing money, even if there is very little, will help you keep it. So try to manage your money to keep it well, then make sure you will get more.

Without the money management, the poor will stay poor, the rich will become poor

Without the money management, the poor will stay poor, the rich will become poor

Poor people think that everything is their income. They believe that they must earn wealth to be rich. This method does not work. Think of another way!

The fact is that if you manage your money badly, even if you have a large income, you cannot get financial independence. That’s why even people with high-income usually go bankrupt. Because the issue is not how much you earn money, but it is what you are doing with what you earn.

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