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How can we achieve success by proper targeting?

What is the effect of targeting on achieving success? What is the difference between your goals and dreams? How does the goal prioritization help us in achieving success? Does targeting make us achieve success or just help us achieve success sooner? So won’t we achieve success if we do not set the target? By reading this article you will find the answers of all these questions. Follow Farshid Pakzat Research Group.

What is the effect of targeting on achieving success?

We give you an example in order to understand the effects of targeting on achieving success. Suppose you are an archer, and you have to shooting to achieve success. But where do we want to shoot if we don’t have a target? A more practical example. Suppose your goal is to reach a comfortable life. You work hard and make money to live in comfort. But how are you going to make a comfortable life for yourself? By buying home? By buying a car?

achieving success

So if we do not set the target for our lives, our trying do not get the right result. It’s like an archer shooting his arrows without the target. If we start trying without a goal, our energy and motivation will be wasted and will be finished like the archery’s arrows and we will not achieve any goal.
On the other hand, if we set targets properly, we will get more energy and motivation to continue by achieving each of our goals. So, if we don’t set the target, we will not succeed. The key to success is the right targeting.

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What are the differences between goals and dreams?

Dreams are the desires that we wish to achieve. But the goals are the desires that we are trying to achieve. So if you try to achieve your dreams, they turn into the goals that you will achieve one day. So if you have a dream, you do not miss the time. Take the pen and paper, write them, plan and set the target for achieving them. Ensure that these dreams will turn into reality one day. But remember that for turning your dreams into reality, you have to prioritize your goals.

How should we prioritize our goals?

Suppose that these items are your goals for having a better life: buying home, buying car, buying the better home furniture, buying some personal things and some other things for traveling. Now, you have to understand which of them is the most important thing, which is the bigger target and has more effect on your life?

between goals and dreams

In this example buying a house seems to be the biggest goal. Because when you own a house, you do not have to pay the monthly amount of house rent and you can achieve your goals easier by saving that amount. So, you have to write your various goals and check the effect of each one in your life and prioritize them accordingly.

What are the barriers for achieving our goals?

It is natural that everyone has an intrinsic motivation to achieve his goals and plans and set the targets for it. But most people also have internal resistance to succeed. These internal resistances can neutralize the intrinsic motivation. These are internal resistances that make us not to execute according to our plans and goals. How many of these internal resistances can you see below?

  • Negative beliefs like believe in failure
  • The current conditions and problems in life that make a person not to start or continue
  • Inability to deal with problems and solve them
  • Being some negative people around us
  • The above items are among the most common problems and barriers for achieving the targets. What is the solution for solving these problems now?
  • Try to substitute negative beliefs with correct beliefs
  • Studying books and increasing our awareness
  • Communicating with successful people and try to imitate them

I think we understand the importance of targeting. We must realize that we cannot achieve any significant thing in life without targeting. We understand the methods for targeting. I hope you try not to spend any day without targeting.