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How does money change your lifestyle?

change life with money

All the people talk about the effects of money on life and believe that money can change their life. But is it really true? Money can change the personality aspects of humans. Let’s see how it affects.
If we want to look more closely, money can be effective in all aspects of life. In 2001, a number of professors at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (University of Ruhr-Universität Bochum) started investigating ten low-income individuals and gave each of them 200 euros.
To understand how much money could affect their lives, they had one week for spending the money. The results after a week were as follows:

  • Increase their self-confidence about 40 percent among the people
  • Increase the happiness and verbal communication with the people
  • Buy the things that do not use them
  • More emotions

Which behaviors are changed by money?

In the above example, you saw that the power of money has affected them a lot and made them change their lifestyle. But what kind of behavior can we change in ourselves by having money?


One of the reasons for having less self-confidence is having less money. In a study conducted by university professors, the people achieved high self-confidence after getting money and this makes them have a closer relationship with the community and greater presence among the people.
This lack of self-confidence is more common in men than in women. In fact, if you have money in your pocket, the level of self-confidence increases even if it is in the worst situation.


Family money

Suppose you have a job that has the most work hours. How many hours do you have for spending with your family? Family is one of the most important roles of our lives. Often, we assume that rich people have the most hours, but that’s not the case. Most of us think that rich people have the most work hours but it is not true. When the people have more money, they automatically work less and, instead of spending the most of their time for working, they use it to improve family relationships.

Social behavior

For economists, money is merely an exchange tool, but this is different for common people. Money also affects our social behavior. For example, if we wear a normal clothes in the community, the feedback we get from the community will vary by the time we wear a stylish dress. This same perception in society reduces or increases our self-confidence.

The last words

It is not important that you were born poor or rich. Having or not having money at any time can change your behavioral habits and your life. But be careful that the human scales for changing by money is different and depends on the level of expectations.