How Does parent’s karma Effects On Our Life?

This is a real story and is based on the personal experience of my close friend. These events occurred in Hamedan Noje military base in 90. The narrator of this story is one of my friends who was closely involved in all the events. But before I describe the story to you, give you a very brief explanation about the parent’s karma.

What is a parent’s karma?

The very simple definition of karma is: Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. That is, every good and bad thing we do will produce a special karma. This karma enters to the world and returns to us at the right time and place. In fact, this poetry of Saadi is an interpretation of the functioning of karma:
“You toss charity in the Tigris, and God shall return it in the desert.”
Karma’s issue is not limited to a particular religion. Karma has been mentioned in different beliefs and religions with different names. But almost all thoughts that believe in Karma believe that parent’s Karma is very powerful. Parents‘ karma can have a wonderful effect on life. To learn more about karma in different religions, read this: “Get acquainted with karma in Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Persian literature”
The story I’m describing below is one of the amazing effects of parent’s karma in life. Continuing this writing from my friend’s, who knows all about the story.

Mashhad end of the military training course

All soldiers must enter the cohort when they complete the military training course. Typically, the command’s service is not just a training place. Our training course was in Mashhad and on the last day we all waited for the place of our service. The letters which identified the place of service, were distributed among the soldiers. Everyone was looking to see where his service is.

parent’s karma

My service place was in the air defense base in the west. I found that here is the Hamedan Noje military base. Then I found the friends we were with each other. All soldiers should introduce themselves to their place of service on the particular day.
The day of introduction arrived. But, surprisingly, we saw one of my friend Ali, who was not supposed to be there, between us. So I asked him what happened? The story of this strange thing started from here.

Beginning the strange events in the Noje military service

Ali told us that when he saw the cohort letter in Mashhad, it was mentioned in the service area: Air Defense Base of the western part of the country (Abdanan). Ali asked where is the air defense base in the western part of the country? And everyone told him Hamedan Noje military base and he came to there in the introduction day.
But the point that we did not know was that the air defense of the western part of the country includes Hamedan, Ilam, Kermanshah, and central province. Abdanan is also a city in Ilam. That is, our friend came to Noje military base instead of Ilam. There was about 500 km between Abdanan and Nojeh. It was impossible for him to go to there and introduce himself to the service.

The first strange event-passing through Noje military base gate

The military department gate shouldn’t let the soldiers inter without the permission letter. When Ali arrived there without any information about that place and showed his letter the guard said: ‘’why do you come here?’’ Ali said that I asked where is the air defense of the western part of the country in Mashhad and they said Hamedan Noje military base. So the guard understood the reason. The first strange event happened here. The guard thought a little and said:’’ ok. No problem. You can’t go to Abdanan today. So go inside.
Therefore, he stamped Ali’s letter and let him go. The soldiers know that even the soldier have no problems, they may be questioned there. Even a soldier who has served there for 1 year and everyone knows him. As a result, it’s really a strange thing for a guard to seal the letter easily.

The second strange event-passing through the second military base gate

American soldier

At least until we were serving in the Noje military base, there was an air force and an air defense there. And each of them had it’s special guard place. In fact Ali had to pass through second guard place. There was a rigorous troop in the air defense that day. When Ali arrived there showed his permission letter and all of these questions repeated. The second guard thought a little with himself and said the main guard of the main gateway accepted his letter so what should I do? He looks at Ali a little and sealed the letter. And Ali strangely passed through both gates.

The third strange event- introducing to the station

Every soldiers have to introduce themselves to the station. The commander of that station was third lieutenant and very disciplinarian and he was a real military. When Ali introduced himself to the station all that questions repeated for the third time.
Apparently the commander was surprised that how that soldier could easily pass the gateways. Thought a little with himself and said well maybe it’s God will for you to be here. So our friend stayed here. Of course there were some other problems for him like supreme commander ( the chief of the station commander) opposition. But they can’t make trouble for him.
Ali had to being transferred so he entered to the transition process.

The fourth strange event- the people branches and pull the rug from under somebody

The branch is somewhere that they keep the soldier’s case. All the administrative tasks of the soldiers, including taking the transfer, must also be carried out through the branches of the people. Our bad luck, one of the soldiers who worked at the branch, was having trouble with everything and said that he pull the rug from under his unlikely people . He didn’t like Ali because of these happenings. Ali was known at the Noje military base because of all these happenings.
I believed that the reason for all of these events are parent’s karma. But at the end of the story I will explain you it’s relationship with parent’s karma. The fourth strange event was due to the day that Ali took the transfer letter to the people’s branch. The soldier who pull the rug from under the people looked at Ali’s eyes and said:’’ I never let your letter arrive to the chief (the commander of the air defense area of the western part of the country) and put his letter somewhere else. At that moment one soldier came for taking the letters.
Ali says that he doesn’t know what happened in that time. The soldier put my letter beside the others and took it. That soldier left the room and the other one who didn’t like Ali was surprised for giving that letter. Later I heard the story of the soldier myself. He said :’’ I didn’t want to give his letter. I wanted to cut it and showed that the letter has gone with the other papers. I did not understand what was happening. I suddenly took and delivered it. He said that until the chief’s soldier had not left the room, I did not understand what happened. As the soldier of the chief’s office went out, I had seen the image of taking the letter in my mind and realize what happened.

The fifth strange event- finding soldiers for second transition

At least Ali’s letter was signed and Ali stayed at Noje military base. Everyone constantly asks him: “What did you do to make all such bizarre work?” And I constantly thought that all of this was due to parent’s karma. But the story did not end with Ali’s transfer from Abdanan to Noje military base.
Ali was married and, according to the rules, everyone could transfer to his wife’s residence. But there is another rule that says that every soldier can only transfer once. Of course, there is a special case that if he can introduce another soldier as his substitute and the commander of the area agrees to make a second transfer.
Of course the introduced soldier should be from the place he wanted to transfer. Ali was taken away and went to Isfahan Air Defense Base. Because he was from Isfahan. Until that day, we had seen a few more soldiers searching for a replacement soldier for a few months, but until that time they could not find anyone. But Ali for the first time in Isfahan had seen a friend who served in Isfahan, and wanted to transfer to Hamadan. This event surprised everyone. How can all these events happen to a person? I think that the reason is parent’s karma.

The sixth strange event- repeated all the events for second transferring

I explain briefly. Literally the most events that happened in the first transferring repeated again. Some had problem with the first transition and some of the other with the second. Even the same soldier didn’t do his duty again. And in this time another soldier put his letter between the others and his transition was accepted for the second time. I think that because of all these events Ali’s memory will remain in soldiers’ mind. But why parent’s karma?

Why did parent’s karma solve the problem?

I knew Ali’s well relationship with his father. I knew that Ali really help his father and respect him so much. I remember her father called him at the night because his car was damaged on the road. The road was empty and nobody helped him.
Well, I remember how Ali was anxious. He found some mechanics phone number. He talked to the mechanics and begged them to help and finally he could solve the problem of the car by phon. When it was solved, as if suddenly he had a strange calm. I heard from the back of the phone that his father said, “God, pay attention to my son, I’ll see.
The last day I asked him: “The guys asked me very much about you, don’t you think it is because of your father? First he wondered how it got to my mind. Then he said :’’I think the same thing’’. He said he called his father every day when he wanted to do the transition work, and asked him to pray for him. This means parent’s karma.

We are not aware of all the laws of the universe. Perhaps, apart from the parent’s karma, there are another reasons. We do not know how the rules of the universe are affecting each other. But certainly Ali’s father’s prayers always support him. Some people expect that if they are good for someone, they must get good results on the same person. But parent’s karma story shows that, maybe we get the result in any way. If you still have questions about karma, you can read this: “What are the uncertainties about karma law?” And take the parent’s karma seriously.

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