what is brainwashing

How is brainwashing?

You have heard the word brainwashing repeatedly and you know how individuals or systems affect your thoughts and mind and control them. In this article, we talk about the way brainwashing affects people and how it works.
During the Korean civil wars in the 1950s, Chinese Koreans could make many US soldiers believe in communists. They did not brainwash with threats or torture, or even rewards. The only thing they did was changing the soldiers’ mental image.
Chinese realized that our behavior is the direct result of someone we think we are and the mental image we have about ourselves.
We always bring to our mind that we are the ones we think, but the system we use to change our behavior is our own mental image.
The Chinese could influence the American soldiers’ mental image. You may feel that it was hard to influence their minds, the ones whose brains were designed to only reveal their name, degree, and serial number.
During the interrogation, the prisoners were convinced to use one or two small anti-American sentences or a communist sentence, such as the fact that the United State is not a perfect country. Then the prisoner was asked to explain about this sentence, and then they asked the prisoner to write his name and sign it down the page.

Studies about brainwashing

Psychological studies have shown that humans can tolerate the difference between their thoughts and their behavior up to the certain level. Like everyone else who uses the power of his mental image, the prisoner also tried to justify his behavior in order to be more consistent with his internal feelings. So he said that all his words were correct.

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brainwashing parade
A July 2012 protest in Hong Kong

At this moment, his mental image changed, and the prisoner cooperate with the Chinese under the influence of his new mental image. Therefore, his new mental image was strengthened so much that he did not even ask whether this is true or not.

Mental images in brainwashing

Your mental image tells you how to see and visualize yourself. Your mental image is powerful because your behavior will never deviate from this inner map, but will come to the truth in the form of a prediction.
Your mental image tells you how to behave and how to act in order to be like someone you think you are. But many do not realize that they have a mental image, until they look at themselves carefully. If you really think that you are not attractive, you will undermine whatever is needed to make your appearance better.

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Since you do not think that you are the best, people come to the conclusion that you are not attractive and your prediction is coming true. According to various studies, we know that a great number of people who win by lottery lose it quickly.
What you think about yourself is effective in what the others think about you. Since more than 90% of what we transmit is unconsciously, people around you react to your language, your tone of voice and your emotional symptoms. You tell them how to behave with you by your own behavior with yourself.

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