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How to be a good and popular leader?

popular leader

A good leader and a popular guide to better guide a set should have superior attributes than others. Some believe that a person is born with a trait of being a leader, and this trait in an institutionalized state and some others argue that a person can be a good leader to observe the following points.


Members ‘ support

Members of the group should be in favor of you, you need them to do your job, and sometimes it helps you develop your work. If any of the team members want to gain a sense of importance, they tend to feel their leader’s support for this.


The tasks of your leadership have not ended as long as you don’t meet the need to be encouraged.For the team members to support you, first they have to achieve their own sense of worth and importance. Help employees who need support, talk to them Continously and ask for their goals.Prioritise them. This will make them more familiar with the goals you have defined for the organization.


To get members aware of them, try to do the following:

  • Determine a specific day per year to appreciate the members.
  • Respect for experienced people or even counseling them
  • Performance evaluation and encouragement of positive functions
  • Making value for all comments

Be interested

Assume that you are the leader of a group and that you are not interested in the goals that the organization has. Certainly, this has nothing to do but not achieve the goals and failure of the organization’s managers. A good leader will not respond to all issues, but in the projects that work in the organization.

Professional behavior

Matsushita, the founder of Panasonic , believed that a popular leader with his employees should behave like his family members. An organization’s relationship with employees must be professional. Employees who treat them like family members are particularly supportive of the manager.


Behavior with group members like family members shows that you have a deep attention to their behavior and avoid actions that are not in their favor.
The way you have the message that you have an emotional bond with the team members and that link is close to love.

Check functions

Performing accurate reviews will improve your position in the leader “s position in terms of senior managers because the executive assessment is one of the company” s most important documents. The promotion and bonus is often based on the results of performance evaluation and careful performance appraisals also help protect the company from subjective costs. Instead of relying on memory, keep an accurate report of the success and failures of the employees.
Trust the appreciation of positive performance based on the results you have seen as a leader and emphasize that performance appraisal is an opportunity to show performers and good employees in case.

Positive attitude

Leaders may be successful and have a positive view of the issues and future of the company. If a leader has a negative view of the events and the future, this sense will also be transferred to employees. A good leader has to figure out the differences and the differences are made when the positivity is to the future between all employees

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