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How to become successful and wealthy like Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs

We are not going to uncover a secret in this article. Instead, we are going to present some points about Steve Jobs’ life as a successful and wealthy person who can help everyone to achieve wealth and success. So if you are looking for wealth and success, follow us.


How did Steve Jobs achieve success and wealth?

There are many people who think that they can never succeed because of the problems they have in life. There are also some who think that success is for better persons. Some people think that success is somehow inherited, that is, if you have a rich father and all the conditions, you can succeed, if not you can’t.
In this article, we want to remind 2 points about Steve Jobs as one of the most successful and richest people in the world.

۱-Steve Jobs was orphan

Everyone knows Steve Jobs with Apple and his wealth. But perhaps some do not know that Steve Jobs was in fact an orphan. The real father of Steve Jobs is Abdul Fatah Jandali, who is originally a Syrian. Mr. Jandali met a girl named Joana Simpson in America and then decided to marry her. Joana’s father did not agree with their marriage. But they had a baby before marriage so they left their children. That child is Steve Jobs.
Of course, his real parents marry with each other later and they give birth to a daughter who is actually Steve Jobs’ sister. But Steve continues to live as an adopted son in the family of Jobs.
Being an orphan and the fact that the parents leave their new born baby is a problem that hurts most people so much that they fail in their lives. But this did not happen to Jobs. The reason for this is that Jobs believed in his abilities and focused on success instead of focusing on his pain.

۲-Steve Jobs was fired from Apple

Young Steve Jobs, at the age of 29, decided to employ an experienced marketing force to boost Apple. So he went to John Sculley, who was working at Pepsi’s company at that time. Jobs, with the statement: “Do you want to sell water and sugar in the rest of your life, or being with me to change the world?’’ could impress experienced John Sculley and attract him to his company, Apple.

Jobs was fired from Apple

So John Sculley became the CEO of Apple. Scully was the CEO of Apple for two years, then he convinced Apple’s board of directors to fire Steve Jobs from Apple. The one who Steve Jobs brought to Apple brought him out. From a dreamy company that Jobs was its founder. How would you feel if you were in his shoes? Didn’t you become disappointed? Did not you become bored?

What was the secret of Steve Jobs’ success?

A lot of failures and disadvantages can be mentioned in the following. Like his mistake about the idea of Pixar’s company or the problem of identifying the right market for the NeXT computer company or the supply of Lisa and Apple III computers. But the two above mentioned ones are enough for us.
Birth and occupation are two critical stages in anyone’s life. Steve Jobs has been failed in both cases as one of the most successful person in the world. We have no authority for the birth. Most people when face with a problem that they can’t do anything, they often fail very soon and blame the others and imagine the way to success is dead ended for themselves. But Steve Jobs could become one of the richest people in the world because he believed himself and focused on success.
Jobs and business are one of the most important parts of everyone’s lives. If you can make a business and someone who you choose to be in your company makes you be fired is a big failure to you. Many people say that this is the biggest mistake made by Steve Jobs. But even this big mistake did not discourage Jobs from trying. Steve jobs’ trying and effort convince the board of directors that he should return to Apple.
The secret for achieving success and wealth is not being discouraged, focusing on success and effort.

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