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How to create motivation for a lifetime

How to create motivation for a lifetime

Maybe you are one of the people who live without motivation . In this article, there are 3 steps to make motivation. By following these three steps, you can motivate yourself in all situations.


The ways for creating motivation

Before explaining the three steps to create motivation, we talk a little about what motivation is. Maybe many people are so frustrated and disappointed to imagine that we mean motivation to create a false hope. But the truth is that the false hope will be disappear soon and create more frustration.

So we must say that we mean motivation to create an inner desire to do something special. You need motivation to continue living. You need motivation to work. You need motivation to have a good behavior. You need motivation to have relation with the others. In this article, we present some solutions that makes you create an intrinsic and realistic motive for doing different things within yourself.

1- Escape from suffering and achieve pleasure

1- Escape from suffering and achieve pleasure

Most of the things we do in life is for escaping from suffering and achieving pleasure. So firstly identify the affliction you have. If you are serious about motivating yourself, you can even write them down. After identifying the afflictions, imagine how pleased you are by eliminating that affliction. Do you think the joy for getting out of the suffering does not create motivation inside you? It seems unlikely.

For a close look at this level, let’s explain the steps you must take to escape suffering and achieve pleasure

Step 1: Check your unsatisfied needs.

Step 2: Imagine the tensions and suffering that are made based on the unsatisfied needs. In this step, the initial motivation for escaping from suffering and tension is created in you.

Step 3: After the initial motivation has been created in you. You must try to eliminate that suffering

Step 4: Your effort makes you achieve pleasure. But do not expect much

Step 5: At the last step, try again to achieve more pleasure

If you are involved with motiveless and disappointment, you might think this method does not work. But be careful, escaping from suffering and achieving pleasure, is just the first step for creating motivation. In the second step, you must create bases for refueling your own motive.

2- Motivation fuel bases

2- Motivation fuel bases

As we said in the first step, identifying the afflictions and imagining the pleasure that is achieved by eliminating the suffering will give you an initial motivation. But this motive will finish soon. So, you need to refuel and more motivation to continue the way.

So we need to know which fuel bases give us motivation. Once we have identified them, we can use them along the way and motivate ourselves to continue our journey. In general, there are six bases for motivating people with different attitudes and beliefs. Although there are other bases for motivation refueling, these six bases cover the majority of people.

  • Achieving power
  • becoming famous
  • Achieving wealth
  • Believe in God
  • Sexual desire
  • Love and affection

To start the way, you should try to build the most available bases for you. Select the bases that need time to create for continuing the way. Of course, do not forget to plan for future bases, so you have to keep that motivation fuel base until you need refueling.

Next, you must identify the barriers. Barriers that cause loss of motivation and destroy our fuel.

3-  Searching about the barriers that cause our motivation to disappear

If the fuel bank or our motivation has a hole, or there be a problem that would force us to consume too much fuel, we will probably be stopped in the halfway. Therefore, we must identify the barriers that destroy our motive. Some of the common barriers for disappearing motivation are: fear, laziness, lack of confidence, pride, embarrassment, beliefs, or wrong thoughts. To eliminate these barriers, we must first find their roots. Most of these barriers roots are in their childhood and family, culture and society beliefs.

You have to know that these feelings are just because of the wrong plans and beliefs within your mind about your success and your desires. In the following we present a practical solution to overcome these barriers.

How to overcome the barriers that lead to loss of motivation?

How to overcome the barriers that lead to loss of motivation?

For explaining this solution we give an example. Consider this example as a practical exercise. These days, we see many disappointed people and say in Iran we cannot progress. And have many reasons for it. All these reasons may be correct. But wait a moment. That it’s not possible to progress in Iran is a belief. Instead of bringing different reasons for this belief, think about what created that belief within you. See what happened since childhood in school, and what makes you to believe it.

Now think a little about whether there is a counterexample for them or not? For example, do you think, in spite of the X problem, anyone achieve success? I think you will find someone. Why don’t you be like those people? Maybe the reason is one of the most common barriers to eliminating the motivation that we mentioned above. So instead of getting your mind involved with the reasons why you cannot progress in Iran, looking for reasons for disappearing your motivation and creating negative beliefs within you. In this way you can also be one of those people who have overcome the problems.

By this method, you do not reject any problems that exist, for example, in Iran. Instead of concentrating on problems, you think about solutions and patterns of passing through these problems. This way you can create motivation inside yourself to overcome these problems. I hope that friends who are deeply frustrated think about this example. As mentioned, the purpose of this example is not to reject problems. But to find solutions and create motivation to succeed.

A general way to overcome the motivation barriers

A general way to overcome the motivation barriers

The greatest way to overcome the motivation barriers is to know more about them. We can do this by studying more about the successful people’s lives. To show the importance of the study, we provide two statistics from reading books in Iran and Japan.

The average study of the Japanese people is 30 minutes per day. The average study of the Iranian people is 3 minutes per year.

You can understand the importance of this solution by examining the efficiency of these two countries globally. If you are still frustrated, try to study more about the lives of successful people.

As a conclusion at the end of this article, you have to follow these steps to motivate yourself:

  1. Provide a list from your suffering and the pleasure that comes with eliminating these sufferings to get the initial motivation for moving.
  2. For not being stopped in the way, select some motivation fuel bases.
  3. Identify and eliminate the barriers that cause the loss of motivation. Studying and increasing awareness about the lives of successful people can be very useful for this.

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