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How to get closer to wealth by increasing our value?

increase our value

You pay your money and you take your choice. It means that everything has its own value. What is your value in the society you live? How can you increase your value for becoming wealthy? In this article, we try to show you the ways to increase your value in society in order to achieve wealth.


What is the relation between our value in society and being wealthy?

How do you make money? The amount of money you earn is directly related to your value in the society. If you do something that everybody can do, you will have basic salary. But if your activity increases the profits of a collection, you receive high salaries, or you may use of that benefits as a partner.

value in society

So, the more we increase our value and activity, we can get more wealth. But how can we increase our value in society? We will explain about this in the following.

How can we increase our value for becoming wealthy?

To explain this, we first examine how the value of a commodity is determined in the market. Four factors in the market determine the value of each commodity. These four factors are supply, demand, quantity and quality. We explain each of these factors very briefly.

The first factor in valuation: supply


Supply in the case of a commodity means that how much of the product is available on the market? In the case of a human being, means that how many people in that society are able to do what you do? So, to increase your value, you need to increase your expertise in order to have fewer competitors in the market. By this way you get close to becoming wealthy.

The second factor in valuation: demand

Demand means how much requested is there for the commodity. A commodity will be more valuable if it has more applicant. Especially when a commodity has more applicant and less supply, the value of that commodity increases significantly. So, in order to increase your value in society, you can identify a field with high demand but low supply. Look for specialties that have this feature. Increase your skill in that specialty and get closer to wealth.

Third factor in valuation: quantity

The quantity means that your job effects on how many people in the society. How many people does your job serve? This factor determines your value in society. We will talk more about this factor in the following.

Fourth factor in valuation: quality

Certainly, the higher the quality of the work you do, the more valuable your work will be. As a result, you can become closer to wealth. So do your best to do something with the highest quality. You will get the result soon.

How do we get to the highest value by combining the four factors of supply, demand, quality and quantity?

You can increase your value if you can provide commodity or services to the community, or increase your skills in a field that have a large demand and less supply in the market. For example, when the people want to go to the university and select a field, most people in practice are looking for a field that has all these features. It means a big job market that few people have skills in that.

Also, if you can do your work with the highest quality and do this in order to help the most people in the community, your value will increase and you become closer to wealth. Perhaps this question will be made in your mind: “How can one find the most demanding job that few people have expertise in it?” The answer to this question is tough. Maybe you are accepted in a field at a college and many people think like you and choose that field. Therefore, the supply and demand situation in that market will be destroyed.
I recommend you focus more on the quantity and quality of your work. In every field of work or skill, the number of people who are doing a work with the highest quality is very low. So, in every field you work, you can become a valuable person and wealthy by focusing on the quality of your work. But how can we increase our work quantity?

How can you focus on quantity to increase your value?

Most people are thinking more about themselves. All of their lives are about themselves. If you really want to be rich, you cannot just think about yourself. But you should also care about the lives of others. You do not need to do strange things to be effective in the lives of many people.
Each of us born with some talents. To increase the quantity of our impact, we must share our talents with the others. In fact, our true value in the light of illumination is meant to others. Research shows that the happiest people are those who use their own talents more. So part of your mission in life is sharing your gifts and values with as many people as possible, that is, your desire to do bigger things.
The more you do the bigger things, you have more chances for being rich. Let’s not forget that wealthy people think widely. But poor people have limited thinking. Everything changes when you start thinking widely. So you must know your own talents and try to share them with the others. This way, you can increase your quantity of your impact in society. By doing this, you increase your value in your community and become closer to wealth.

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