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How to plan? How to execute the plan?

How to plan

Many do not know how to plan. Many also plan, but cannot execute it. In this article we explain 10 reasons why we need planning. We refer to the difference in the lives of people with the plan and without the plan, so that if you do not plan or don’t execute it, change your method since today. Finally, we’ll explain you the correct ways for planning, so following it, you can execute the plans that you are running.


What is planning and why should we plan?

Planning means that we need to determine what to do in a specific time when we want to achieve the best result. This simple sentence explains why we should plan. In the following, according to this short sentence, we explain the reasons for planning.

۱- Predicting the problems

When we determine what to do in a specific time, we’re actually predicting the things. As a result, we can predict the problems that can arise for any work.

۲- Better use of the facilities

When we want to set a time for a job, we surely consider the facilities we have. This can help us to list all our facilities and use them better.

planning ask

۳- Increase the possibility of reaching the goal

When we determine what to do in a specific time, we actually increase the possibility of reaching the goal and success.

۴- Get the goal faster

When the times for doing the things is determined, we have fewer wasted times. It means that, since we have set the exact time to start and finish, we will not waste time.

۵- Increase focus on the target

When we plan to reach the goal and the time for doing the things is determined, naturally, our focus on the target will be increased.

۶- Check the possibility of deviation of the way to success

Once all the works is scheduled, if we get behind from the schedule and the plan, we can see that there is a problem to work. We can investigate and resolve the cause.

۷- Prevent from worries and anxieties

Planning prevents worries and anxieties for 2 reasons. One is that when we know that there will be no worries if we know what to do in a particular time. The other one is that if we can follow the plan, we are sure that our way is right. So there’s no need for anxiety.

۸- Increasing self-confidence

We often lose our self-confidence because we do not get good results or we do not know what to do at all. With planning, we can get better results while we determine the time for doing the thing well. So our self-confidence increases.

۹- Believe the possibility of success

When we watch a summit of a mountain from a distance, it seems impossible to reach it. But if we look at the way to summit carefully, then we can imagine ourselves above that summit. Planning helps us make the way to success clear. Therefore, we can believe success.

۱۰- Reduced percentage error

When it’s determined what to do in a time, the way to success is identified and we can diagnose the deviation of the way; naturally, the percentage error decreases.

۶ differences between the people with a plan and without a plan

As we mentioned above, Planning has 10 important feature. So it’s natural that the lives of people who plan and who do not plan have the most significant differences. In the following we check 6 important differences between the lives of these two groups of people.

plan and without a plan

۶ Characteristics of people who plan

  • They have hope and motivation: Because they know when they achieve their goals, they always have a lot of hopes and motivation in life.
  • They achieve their goals with less money and time: because they have a plan before starting, they achieve their goals with less money and time.
  • They solve the problems more easily: since they predict the problems for a better planning, they can solve problems easily.
  • They have more resistance on the way to success: these people have motivation to achieve goals and are more ready to face the problems. So they have more resistance and do not fail very soon.
  • They can get the others’ help easier: As we said, people who plan, list all their facilities. One of these features is the others’ help and support. That’s why we see that these people can get the others’ help more easily, because they already have planned for it.
  • They are not rolling stone: people who plan, know what they want and make their way to achieve it. So they are not rolling stone. Because they are always following their goals and plans.

۶ Characteristics of people who do not plan

  • They become old, but they never achieve their goals: these people may get old, but they did not plan for their goals, so they didn’t achieve any of their goals.
  • They waste their money: because the people without the plan do not identify the right way for themselves, they may go through wrong ways and spend for unnecessary things.
  • • They cannot solve the problem: When we start to do something without planning, we certainly did not think about any possible problems. So, we may not solve the problems.
  • Blaming others and conditions: according to that these people do not plan for using the conditions and attracting the others’ help, they cannot get the others’ help when they need help. So they usually blame the others in their failures.’
  • • They do not have resistance to problems: the people without a plan have little motivation to succeed, because the way is not clear for them or they think that achieving goal is hard. Consequently, they cannot resist against the problems.
  • Others and situations lead them in life: when a person has no plan for life, the other people plan for him and decide for his life.

Now that we are familiar with the need of planning, and also checked the differences between the lives of people with the plan and without the plan, we have to know the right way of planning. A way that we plan and execute the plan well.
How to plan?

  1. Identify what resources you need to reach the goal.
  2. Determine the amount of resources you need.
  3. Write down any available facilities or facilities you can get.
  4. Specify what resources you don’t have and how you should get them to achieve the goal.
  5. Specify how long it takes to get these resources.
  6. Identify the steps you must take to succeed.
  7. Make notes of any problems you may face with at any time.
  8. According to the resources and facilities you have (according to your answer to the first five questions) and the problems, specify the start and end time for each step.
  9. Start to move on the way to success.
    Finally, pay attention to this point. You may have to re-plan for a series of issues or solve some problems that occur within your plan to succeed. That is an intricate plan. We hope that you will be able to follow your dreams with proper and principled planning.