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Do you know how to play with money? Do you play with money like the rich or the poor?

Play game with money

Both rich and poor people play with money. But the rich people know how to do it. Do you think you know how to play with money? Read this article to answer this question.



Learn playing with money from the rich!

Maybe you think how to play with money? Earning money and especially getting rich is like a fight. You need to know how to use your weapon to achieve the maximum success. Playing with money is exactly like using weapons in the battle. In the race to make money and become wealthy, you have to know how to play with money, otherwise you would not have any choice but a loser.

As we said, playing with money is like using weapons in a battle. This weapon can be a sword and a shield or your hand and foot in a martial arena. You have to know how to attack and defend in a battle. But it’s your attacks that make you a winner. So, for winning, you need to know how to use your weapon in an offensive way. If you’re just thinking of defending, you’re definitely failing. According to footballers: “A team that does not score will be scored”.

You can play with money in an offensive or defensive way. One of the differences between the rich and the poor is the type of playing with money in them. The rich often play with money offensively and the poor play with money defensively.

What is the difference between playing with money defensively and offensively?

In order to understand the difference between playing with money defensively and offensively, let’s give you an example about football again. A team that think about not defeating plays in a defensive way. Naturally, when a football team always defends, it takes less opportunity to score and spends all its energy for not be scored. How do you think? Is there a chance to win in this situation?

Playing with money is like football. When we say that poor people are playing with money defensively means that they use money to survive and keep safe. The main purpose of the poor people to become wealthy is to afford the costs. It is enough for them to be able to provide their monthly expenses easily. Like a football team that not defeating is enough for it.

Playing with money is like football

The average people are a little different. They are one step ahead, it means that their goal is to live comfortably. Like being not too offensive and not too defensive in a football game. For example, be hopeful about counter attacks. Maybe in this case we can score. Maybe we lose. We may be one-one .But we never play like a winner team.

The rich play with money like a winner team. Their playing is offensive. It doesn’t mean that they do not think about defending at all. But their main goal is to score and win. Therefore, they can create the greatest opportunities for themselves in life. In football, the more opportunities a team creates for itself, the more winning chance it will have.

How to play with money offensively like the rich people?

You need a financial thermostat to play with money offensively. The thermostat is a device that keeps the air temperature stable in an area. It means that if the air is cold, it will increase the temperature and if the air is heated, it will lower the temperature.

Money Like sports

You also need to make different financial and economic decisions according to the different financial conditions. Just like a football team. No winner team only attacks. It defends when it is necessary. If there is an opportunity for counter-attack, it will use that opportunity and will attack in the appropriate situation. Having a financial thermostat helps you make the right decision all the time to become a winner team.

Why is it necessary to have a financial thermostat for becoming wealthy?

Paying attention to a point is very important. Most people get into a financial mental plan when they reach the level of earning money, and this mental plan is forever and unchanged in their minds. That is, if they have a supermarket, they will have a work model and this work model will be recorded as a mental plan in their mind and they never think about changing it to increase their income.

In fact, most people get a way to play with money and no longer change it. This is another difference between the poor and the rich. The rich, with financial thermostats, can change their mental plan and work model to make money. So they can be like a football team that defends, uses counter attack and attacks on time, they can use the appropriate tactics to win or become wealthy.

How can we create financial thermostats for ourselves?

You need financial thermostats for having a better playing with money and you need to know yourself better for having a financial thermostat. Look at yourself and see the basis of your work. How much do you act based on the fears and beliefs that you already have in your mind? How much do you behave according to your habits? How much are your behaviors selected and how much with no thinking?

The performance of the most people in life is based on fears and old beliefs (mostly wrong). Most people make their choices according to their habits and without thinking. For this reason, they cannot make the right decision based on their present needs. You can create a financial thermostat when you make your choices according to your thoughts and present reality instead of your past habits.

So, by overcoming fears and trying to make the right decision, you can play with money in the best way.

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