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How to use the opportunities for becoming wealthy?

How to use the opportunities for becoming wealthy?

How do you look at the world? The rich and the poor have a completely different look to the world. Opportunities and risks are not the same for rich and poor people. The rich are looking at many things as an opportunity, but poor people consider the same happenings as risk. In this article, we’ll explain how to change your mind to use all the opportunities in the best way.


Do you makeyour choices based on the opportunity or risk?

Do you make your choices based on the opportunity or risk?
do you see the bright side of the story or the dark sight?

Our choicesmake our lives. So it’s important to know how we make our choices. Usually wemake our choices based on the most important things for us. For example, coloris the most important factor for some people. So they finally choose based onthe color of the clothes, not even by its model and price.

Thedifference between the rich and the poor makes the rich looking for opportunityand focus on getting it. But the poor pay attention more on losing theopportunity. The poor people always regret about their lost opportunities. Itmeans that the prominent thing in a rich person’s mind is using the opportunitybut in a poor person’s mind is losing the opportunity.

Rich peoplefocus on achievements in life, but poor people focus on potential risks anddisadvantages. In fact, the difference between the poor and the rich is the sameas seeing half empty or full of the glasses. Of course, we do not mean thinkingpositively. It means looking deep into the world.

Rich people alsosee dangers and risks. But they find the opportunity in the depth of the risks anduse it. As a result, after finding the opportunity, they make their choicesbased on it, but poor people make their choices based on fear and actually maketheir lives based on their fears.

Why do poorsee the risks and the rich see opportunities? This issue relates to thecriteria of the individual minds.

How are the poorand rich mind’s criteria?

How are the poor and rich mind’s criteria?
do you think the more of failure or success?

The poorpeople mind’s criterion is usually: “what will happen if it fail?” Or“No it is impossible”. Average people are a bit more optimistic,their mind criterion is: “I hope to be.” That is, poor and averagepeople do not focus on success. They think about failing and then achieve thesame failure or hope to succeed, and this will change them to average peoplebut cannot make them rich.

Rich people,as we said earlier, take the results of their lives responsibility. Therefore,their mind criterion acts on the basis of the acceptance the responsibility ofthe results. That is, their mind’s criterion is: “It will be succeeded.Because I will execute it.” Their criterion is that they expect themselvesto be successful. So they try for it. Even if they fail, because they expect themselvesto be successful, they will learn some lessons from this failure and use ofthem for the next success.

 Rich people usually say: “The biggerrisk, the more rewards.” Rich people, as they are constantly looking foran opportunity, are also at risk. They say: “If we fail, we can alwaysreturn our money”. On the other hand, poor people are waiting for failure,avoiding danger and never trust themselves and their abilities. When we avoidthe risk, we also lose opportunities. Because most of the time the opportunityis in danger. Like a pearl hid in the heart of the shell.

How toanalyze the risks?

How to analyze the risks?
analyze the risks

The poor donot risk because they do not know how to analyze it. But the rich are going towelcome the analyzed risks. That is, they search before they risk on it. Do thenecessary things and get the required information. Then, based on theinformation and facts that they have gained, they make decisions and do therisk.

Many poorpeople realize the fact that they must be at risk in order to get the mostvaluable things in life. But they do not know that they should analyze the riskand study about it, or do not properly analyze the risk. As a result, they aredisappointed and do not get the opportunity. One of the reasons for this isthat when someone decides to risk, he focuses on the dangers of the roadinstead of focusing on opportunity.

How to focuson getting more opportunities?

How to focus on getting more opportunities?
Focus on opportunities

The richpeople focus on opportunity, so the opportunities increased for them. The poorpeople focus on barriers, so the barriers are getting bigger for them. As aresult, when poor people take risks, their biggest problem is how to deal withall the barriers they create for themselves.

The thing youfocus on determines what you will get in life. If you focus on opportunities,that opportunity will be what you will find in life. If you want to becomewealthy, spend your money on creating, keeping and investing. Focus on spendingif you want to be poor. Stop for a moment. First of every month, do you focuson how you save, or more on how you spend until the end of the month? If yourfocus is more on how you pay, please improve it.

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