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Where do the ideas come from, and what kind of ideas create wealth

The ideas have created great inventions in the world, and something that will never be old is the new and efficient ideas. In 1687, Newton expressed the theory of gravity and today we see great advances in this field. What was the idea behind this theory and how this idea has come to Newton’s mind?
When you have a problem, you’re looking for a way to solve it, but you’re basically looking for an idea to solve the problem. Anyone can also have his/her way to find new ideas. Someone is walking or someone else is listening to music. But these will not always work, and sometimes a certain idea suddenly comes to your mind and you believe that your idea is complete and perfect.
Some creative people always have ideas to do something or fix it. But with a few simple ways, you can be like these people.

Sleep and wake up

You’ve probably had the experience of having a good idea when you’re sleeping, but you didn’t write it, so you don’t remember what it was. During a day, the human’s brain has millions of information per day that only a part of it gets into the processing sector. The millions of information includes some things like conversations, five senses, faces, and so on. Most creative ideas are based on regular dreams. Try to write the ideas that come to your mind when you are going to sleep or before sleeping.

Sleep and wake up

Daily conversations

Communicating with the others is a great source for having new ideas. When you talk about a problem with another person, you are driving the problem out and you can often get a good solution. You may get the idea or inspiration from the other person’s words in the conversation, or you may say during the discussion, without noticing it or even thinking about it. The conversation is not only related to a specific person or topic, and ideas can be extracted from all conversations.

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Researches for creating ideas

Sometimes you are reading news on the Internet or seeing a photo that might bring an idea to you. You need more researches to execute those ideas better. For example, if the idea came to you to design a water supply system in a deprived area with a low cost, you need some researches to know that area’s population, or its climate system in 365 days a year.

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